Tuesday, January 26, 2021

One hundred days of hair challenge

 I'm still working on my 100 Days of Hair Challenge, this lady was inspired by Tamara Laporte's class on Life Book 2021 course.  http://www.willowing.org/

This is Day 56/100 of the challenge.

Keep on creating each day!  Sending you big cyber hugs~ Renee


  1. You are so very talented, Renee! Love her. Her skin is life-like!

  2. I have been following along and am amazed each time. LOVE these each is so different and unique and beautiful. Way to go on this...what a challenge.

  3. I can just imagine what a great time you are having with hair styles ... the likes the world has never seen before. I like her face too. She has an individual look and personality emitting total confidence.