Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Keeping a visual record of your stencils with a sample book

I made a mini book not long ago to remind me of what types of stencils I had and what they looked like when sprayed with ink.  Every month I receive new stencils from Artistcellar and need to keep track of what I have so I don't have to experiment too much when creating projects.  I just received a series of stencils called the WATER series so I've added their images to the book using the 4" by 4" art cards.  Here is what the book looks like.

Progressively adding more Art Cards with stencil designs

Blank book before adding Art Cards

First I placed the art cards in with the Kaleidoscope stencils designs on them.

Now I have added the Water Series of patterns to the back empty pages.

I was surprised when I sprayed each of these with ink by the patterns that came out!  The first one called Ripples almost looks like a wood grain stencil.  When there are samples like this it can really help the artist to see the possibilities quickly.

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope this has given you some stenciling ideas.  I will keep you posted each time I add art cards to my mini book.  I look forward to seeing you next week on my usual stencil day, Tuesday.  Take care, hugs~Renee xx

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

2015 Artist in Residence Imagine Crafts Design Team Announcement

 I am happy to announce that after two rounds of stiff competition I made the 2015 Artist in Residence Imagine Crafts Design Team!

I will be joining this group of very talented artists for the next year producing projects to showcase the wonderful products made by Tsukineko/Imagine Crafts.  If you have an opportunity to visit any of the following blogs you'll get a peek at the quality of art that will be shared over the course of the next year.

2015 AIRs Project Team
Heike Linnek (Germany)
Isha Gupta (Switzerland)
Jowilna Nolte (South Africa)
Maureen Cronin (WA, US)
Penny Ward (FL, US)
Renee Zarate (MA, US)
Roni Johnson  (US)
Sylvia Blum (Germany)
Taylor Usry (VA, US)

2015 AIRs Video Team
Baerbel Born (Germany)
Carisa Zglobicki (CO, US)
Gini Cagle Williams (NC, US)
Savannah O’Gwynn (FL, US)
Tina McDonald (NB, Canada)

Congrats to everyone who made the team!  I recognize a few names from the last time I was an AIRs member but there are many that I'll be getting to know over the course of the year.
Hugs~Renee xx

Friday, November 14, 2014

A Gratitude Mandala for Craft Stamper November Challenge

This is the half way point for the Take It, Make It Challenge.  You still have plenty of time to enter your artistic creations for a chance to win prizes and be published in the Craft Stamper magazine.  This week I made a gratitude mandala using a few winter and spring stamps in a different way than their original purpose.  I have a snowflake stamp around the edges, an acorn stamp, a butterfly stamp and my wonderful feather stamp.  I am still surrounded by the colors of Fall since we are having a very mild season and the leaves haven't completely fallen yet.  Great for Leaf Peeking tourists.  So my color choices have reflected that.

For the mandala circle I can use pre-cut circles out of card stock or in this case I cut my own out of water color paper using a compass.  I drew a circle around each of the areas I wanted to stamp on with a pencil that could be erased later.

After I have achieved a look that I'm happy with using my stamps then I start to color in the images.  On this mandala I used Inktense pencils and Dylusions in a water pen.

When I was finished with the coloring I used a Micron pencil to write on the side of each leaf the different qualities I want to show in my life such as love, joy, peace, gratitude, etc.  Then using the same pen I wrote my feelings about the things I am grateful for each day.

Next I used a Delicata Golden Glitz ink pad and re-stamped the snowflake images and the acorn images again to highlight them.  I have a bottle of Liquid Pearls in the Bisque color that I brought in at the end to highlight the butterflies and add some sparkly interest.

We have so much to be grateful for each day.  Just the sun and the air we breathe are things we can be thankful for every day.

Thanks so much for stopping by today, I always appreciate your visits and the comments left here.  I noticed several new followers and I want to say thank you to them for taking time out of their busy lives to follow along on my artful journey!  Big hugs to all of you, I am grateful for you!  Sincerely ~ Renee

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Kaleidoscope Stencils Meet Zentangle

These new stencils called the "Kaleidoscope Series" are fast becoming my favorite stencils!  I use stencils often to break up heavily colored areas with some broken white patches.  These white areas give the eye a place to rest especially if there are a lot of details in the mix.  Which brings me to this "ZIA" (Zentangled Inspired Artwork)  cat.  I drew a rough outline of a cat on a piece of canvas board that measures 16" by 12" with a Stabilo pencil.  After doing some Zentangle patterns on him I used the stencils to hide him in the flower garden.

Just to briefly show you the process here are a few photos.  I like to draw but not be too focused when I'm watching TV with my husband or talking on the phone.  I feel that if my hands are busy I'm "working".  So after I drew my cat outline I divided it into sections.  Each section is covered with Zentangle patterns inspired over the years by Rick and Maria who began the Zentangle movement.

After drawing the patterns with a Micron pen I did some shading with my Stabilo pencil.  I painted the background  a Lapis blue and used Copic ink to color the eyes.

I used a few stamps by Dina Wakley along the way and also colored them in with "irRESISTibles".  Now the cat had splashes of color and texture.  When I did as much tangling as I felt like on the cat then I decided to hide him in his own little garden patch of flowers.  The flowers are actually the Kaleidoscope stencils and heavy white gesso.  I added additional interest with another stencil called Blazonry and Interference Blue Golden Acrylic.

Summer may be over but I still have my imaginary garden with my imaginary cat.  I will see you here next Tuesday with more stenciling ideas, until then, take care. ~ Hugs, Renee

Friday, November 7, 2014

New Craft Stamper Challenge for November

The Craft Stamper Challenge for November is a true creative challenge.  The idea is to use stamps and punches, etc. for things other than what their true purpose is to create a winter theme.  I made a cute winter, all occasion card that measures 5" by 7".

I used a piece of  VERTIGO from IMAGINE Crafts to start with.  This gives the background a lot of depth since you can stamp on both sides.  It also adds wonderful texture.  I cut two pieces of white paper to make curvy snow drifts. 

 My stamp for the snow man is just old jar lids dipped in StazOn Jet Black ink stamped onto the punched circles.  The cute face, scarf and hat are from a stamp by Darcie.  The phrase is also from that collection.  I framed the phrase and then added a "wooden" pole to the scene.  I made the snow flakes from white irRESISTibles.  Now that the prep work is done it is just a matter of gluing things down.  In no time at all you have a nice card fit for any winter occasion.  

Pop on over to the Craft Stamper website and check out the inspiration pieces.  As usual, there are prizes to be won!  Have a great week end.  Talk to you soon ~ Hugs ~ Renee

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Creating Art Card Backgrounds with Kaleidoscope Stencils

Hello there, happy Tuesday!  I am still pretty excited about finding uses for my new Kaleidoscope Stencils by Artistcellar.  Today I am using just one of the set to create backgrounds for my Art Cards.  I chose the stencil called Trillium to make these cute little Art Cards which can be used on cards, canvases or left just as it is as an Art Card.  This is what I made.

This project began as an Art Card.  Art Cards are small canvases, in this case a piece of 140# water color paper, cut to measure 4" by 4".  You can think of it as a slightly larger version of an ATC.  I began by using the Trillium stencil and some water color pens filled with Dylusions Spray Inks.

I placed the stencil on top of the pre-cut paper and painted the different colors of ink through the stencil randomly.  When I had a lot of color on the paper I lifted the stencil off and set it aside.  These are not permanent inks so the stencil can be washed off at any time.

Next I sprayed water onto the inked paper and let it run together.  When I was satisfied with the look I blotted off the excess water with a paper towel.

I sprayed it with water again and blotted the paper with a towel again to get a lighter look.

At this point you can stamp lines or any other pattern on top of the Art Card.  I decided to layer on a stamped image.  This stamp is an old one by Lockhart Stamp Co. with Mr. Kitty on it.

I stamped the image with StazOn Jet Black ink on a separate piece of card stock, trimmed it out and colored it in with Dylusions and Memento ink pens.  When this was dry, I matted it on card board paper, then glued the entire panel to the back ground colored Art Card.

I didn't want Mr. Kitty to be lonely so I made another one called Puppy Face to keep him company.

These can be kept in an Art Card book, glued to a small canvas, glued to the front of a card....pretty much anything you can think of to display them.  They're sweet and guaranteed to put a smile on your face!  Thanks so much for stopping by today.  I'll be back next Tuesday with more stenciling ideas.  Hugs~Renee

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Artistcellar New Release! Kaleidoscope Stencils

Most of us feel a sense of delight when we hear the word Kaleidoscope.  If you're like me it takes you back to childhood with those tacky little paper/plastic kaleidoscopes that you could purchase at the 5 & Dime store.  The newest release from Artistcellar is called Kaleidoscope and is a series designed by mixed media artist Cecilia Swatton.  There are four stencils in the series:  Trillium, Sunflower, Black Orchid and Lily.

                product image       product image    product image     product image

 I am constantly challenged when it comes to keeping track of all my stencils so I make small books with either the stencils in the book (stashed in clever pockets) or at least samples of what they look like.  I chose to do a "sample" book project so I can have a quick visual of these tiny gems for future projects.

Samples from Kaleidoscope Stencils

Here is my process if you'd like to see it.  First I start by cutting up my Art Cards from a large piece of water color paper.  Each one measures 4" by 4".

After I have these cut I decided just to spray Dylusions Spray inks using a different stencil and colors for each card.

These could be highly decorated, just like an ATC, but I decided to keep them simple.  I only inked the edges with coordinating colors and glued them into my prepared, simply folded book.

I had intended to leave the book simply white to mimic a wall in an art gallery but then I couldn't resist adding a few stamped images from Dina Wakley's newest collection.

To finish off my practical sample book I added the names of the stencils just written with a Fude Ball pen on or around the stenciled images.  My folded book has room for many more Art Cards with stencil samples on them.  I'll keep sharing it with you as I go along filling it up.  When it is full then I will do the front and back covers.

Thanks so much for stopping by today.  There are some pretty amazing projects on the Artistcellar blog this week showing additional ways to use these stencils.  Oh!  And there is a blog hop taking place in which you can win your own set of these fun stencils.  I've posted the blog hop list for you here in the event you want to give it a try.  Here is the message from Lisa at Artistcellar:
Now the good part… join us this coming week for a blog hop with some awesome artists! Everyone will be featuring Kaleidoscope and every stop will be giving away a FREE set of stencils to a lucky winner. Read each blog for the details, for this one, just leave a comment – you can tell me what they remind you of, how you would use them, what is your favorite technique you would use with them. I will close comments Nov. 1st here. Each stop will be announced on our FB page the next 7 days.
October 25th – Lisa Cousineau, Artistcellar  <Kickoff!
October 26th – Effy Wild –
October 27th – Lisa Chin –
October 28th – Cheryl Sleboda –
October 29th – Paula Phillips –
October 30th – Cindy Powell –
October 31st – Cecilia Swatton –

Until next week, take care.  Big hugs ~ Renee