Monday, April 16, 2018

StencilGirl Face stencil by Andrea Matus DeMeng looking like Frida

I'm doing a series of faces using the same stencil by Andrea Matus DeMeng provided to me by StencilGirl Products.  This is to demonstrate how with just one stencil many different looks can be achieved.  The one I'm sharing today is my take on the artist Frida.

As mentioned before, after designing my master board type face design I just made a few changes on the photocopied face and added a collage of deli paper flowers and a few paper flowers made by Prima.  Her eyes are actually Jane Davenport's washi tape eyes.

I hope you'll play with this idea and just have fun with it.

Hugs ~ Renee

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

More Stenciled faces using Andrea Matus DeMeng's stencil

I used the StencilGirl Products face stencil by Andrea Matus DeMeng to make more faces.  This is to demonstrate how the same stencil can be used for a completely different effect.

The headpiece is stenciled from the hem of  Sue Pelletier's baby dress stencil.  I've used a lot of random stencils in the background also.  The paint is Dina Wakley heavy body acrylic paint in Turquoise, Ruby and Night with touches of white gesso.

I hope you'll make faces along side me with stencils, it's addictive.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Renee

Thursday, April 5, 2018

I'm the Guest Artist this week on StencilGirl Products! A Tangled Face

If you follow my blog I'm sure you've noticed that I'm in love with stencils!  So you can imagine my delight when StencilGirl Products asked if I would like to be their Guest Artist, my response was a resounding "YES".   I mean who could say no to that?!  They provided the stencils of my choice to work with and I very happily choose  Andrea Matus de Meng's "Abigail, A Timeless Woman" in the large 9" by 12" size.  This is what my finished portrait looks like, it's called "A Tangled Face".  The process is shared on the StencilGirl Talk blog today, please just click on the link if you would like to check it out.

I'll be sharing a few more portraits during the month of April, all created with the same stencil but each one looks completely different.  I hope you will pop in and take a look at them.

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Hugs ~ Renee

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Sneak Peek!

Here's a  sneak peek of projects I've been working on using Stencil Girl products.  Stay tuned for my upcoming Guest Artist blog with them in April.  It'll be worth it!  This is just a warm up using Distress Crayons and Scribble Sticks by Ranger.  And of course a face stencil from Stencil Girl!  They are the best.

I'll let you know when the SGP posting is so you can see what else I did with this same stencil.  Thanks for stopping by, hugs ~ Renee

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Aladine Projects for Creativation Part 2

Here are a few more projects made for the French company Aladine which were featured in their booth at Creativation and then again a few weeks later in Germany at a trade show.  Just a cute little tag and a card made with their Cassis ink, stamps and embossing powder.

Thanks for stopping by!  I'm in China right now with my daughter, we left Joe here to hold down the fort, but I'll be back soon and hope to share some photos of our adventures there.  Maybe I will find some cool ephemera that I can mix into some projects.  Who knows?  Take care, we'll talk soon, hugs ~ Renee

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Aladine Products- Projects made for Creativation Part 1

Whenever the craft and hobby shows take place there is always a tornado of activity going on behind the scenes to prepare for it.  The Creativation show in Phoenix, AZ is no exception to this tremendous push for projects to display showcasing each company's products.  I had the privilege this year to create projects for a company called "Aladine".  They mailed me inks and stencils and I to made an effort to make a group of projects with only their product, which is harder than it sounds.  This is what I came up with...tags, cards, gift bags.  They didn't specify how many they wanted so I just made projects for about 2 weeks.  I thought I'd share them with you since the big show here and in Germany are over.

Of course I designed a master board to cut up and use for projects.  Here's one that I couldn't use so it was sent to a magazine hopefully for publication.

Then I did a lot of techniques with water and their inks, stamps, embossing powder and stencils.

This is a series of tags to demonstrate different techniques.

Next week I'll share a couple more projects created for Aladine.  Thanks for stopping by ~ Renee

Friday, February 16, 2018

Stampington & Co.- Finding that Silver envelope in the mailbox!

My heart skips a beat whenever I spot that silver envelope in my mailbox!  It means I've just received my artist comp. magazine from Stampington.  Sometimes I know it's coming other times it catches me by surprise, this one I've been waiting to see for months.

Every issue of Somerset Studio has a challenge for artists, it's found near the back of the magazine.  The challenge that caught my eye was "Rust It Out".  I love a rust effect on paper, wood, etc. and I have found that I can achieve it by using Finnabair's Rust Effect Paste made by Prima.  I've made several of these paintbrushes over the past few months but I made these two especially for this challenge.  I used Red Rust paste along with Patina Effect Paste in a Turquoise Blue on top of all the inks and gesso.  When they are returned to me I believe I will hang them on the wall of my studio!

I have to give my husband, Joe, credit for sharing his hoard of inexpensive wooden paintbrushes with me for this project.  Thank you Joe!

I used the same technique on my "dollar" store box along with Finnabair's Mechanicals and added the same Red Rust and Blue Pastes on top of the metal pieces.  Wouldn't this be lovely filled with sea shells from a trip to the beach?

This issue of Somerset Studio is packed with all sorts of rust projects by artists like Lynne Moncrieff, Vickie Kammerer, Irl Noble, Linda Trenholm, just to name a few!  I personally can't wait to try some of the techniques shared and I'm sure this will be a magazine that I will use as a reference for rust effects on future projects.

I hope you get to take a look at it next time you're at Barnes and Noble bookstore.  Thanks so much for stopping by.  Big hugs on this beautiful, warm spring-like day, I love this weather! ~ Renee