Friday, May 1, 2015

The Collins Group Spring Show Photos

Finally, I have recovered from my wonderful time at the Collins Group Show here in Westborough, Mass.  I have been trying to get into this show for many years now, I just wanted to go in and walk around, that's all.  Even to do that was impossible but it was still on my bucket list for years.  Lo and Behold!  Just when I had all but given up I was invited to teach at the show by IMAGINE CRAFTS!  Unbelievable.  My daughter, Holly, flew out from California to assist me.  Thank goodness.  The classes I was to teach kept growing until they were close to 30 students, the most I have ever taught at one time.  We weren't able to do our kitting until the last minute for the first class since all our supplies were under lock and key.  The classroom was not full of newbies at all, the students were from all kinds of craft stores and were mostly store owners.  Talk about intimidating!  They were all gracious, kind and really talented.  We were a little overwhelmed the first day since our set up time was limited to 15 mins for all classes.   We were assisted by the most wonderful group of craft angels from Stampendous, headed up by the fantastic Fran!  I couldn't believe how generous and sweet they were to swoop in as a team and help us set everything up.  Remarkable people.  They came back the next day and did the same thing.  I truly couldn't wrap my mind around how nice they were to us, they just wanted us to have a successful class and experience.  Here are the samples from my classes.

We thought we were all finished up after the Saturday night Make and Take Frenzy but we were asked to stay and help take orders all day on Sunday.  Who could say no to that?  That was really fun!  We were able to visit again with so many of the students from the previous days.  What a crazy, fun bunch of ladies we met!  It also gave me a chance to take photos of some of the projects and companies represented there.  Here is that peek into the show that I always wanted and maybe some of you wanted to see too!

Holly is being a good sport with our ugly table.  Hey!  We didn't know we'd be here.  (lol)

Wouldn't you know one of the cutest tables there is right next to us.

This was the best we could do to represent IC/T and all the wonderful new products we demoed all weekend long.
Here are some of the fantastic companies represented at the show with their samples.

This is one of our sweet helpers from Stampendous!  They also provided the stamps for my classes.

Sorry for such a long post but I can't leave without showing what was out in the parking lot.  Rumor has it there were some parties going on out there.

Thanks for dropping by today, I am so glad to be able to share this moment with all of you.  It was grand!

Dreams do come true.  Hugs ~ Renee

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Fashion Faux Gelli Plate card

Check out my short tutorial found on the Imagine Crafts blog today.  This card was made from my faux gelli plate masterboard, the directions are posted on the IC blog.  Enjoy!

I hope you are all well and happy, take care!  Hugs ~ Renee

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Earth Day Treasure Box

Check out my Earth Day Treasure Box project on the Imagine Crafts blog.  This shows how you can recycle an old shoe box with scraps from other projects.  It is a great project to do with kids!

I hope you're enjoying this wonderful Spring weather!  Hugs ~ Renee

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Masterboard Card using Faux Gelli Plate Technique

Last week when I made my "faux" gelli plate masterboard I was able to get 6 cuts out of one sheet of watercolor paper.  This is great when you want to make a set of cards that really look like a "set".  I started my faux technique using my craft mat instead of my gelli plate, which is great if you don't want to buy one more piece of equipment or just want to see if you even like gelli plate art.

1.  Drop 3 different colors of reinkers onto the craft mat and spray with water.

2.  Take a brayer and blend the colors together.  Next lay a sheet of watercolor paper on top of the ink and smooth the paper with your hands, this will spread the ink and pick it up at the same time.  Dry.

3.  Wipe off your mat with a baby wipe and add a contrasting color.  Make sure your paper is completely dry so the colors do not become muddy.  This time I dropped yellow and green reinkers randomly on the craft mat, sprayed water, spread the colors with a brayer and used the same piece of paper to pick up the color.  Dry.

4.  When the ink is dry, use a stencil and some gesso to pull the colors together and give the eye a place to rest.  Add more interest with a bottle cap dipped in blue ink and then flick black reinker droplets across the entire piece.  When the gesso is dry cut the paper into 6" by 4" piece panels.  These will be the backgrounds for your cards.

5.  Use stamps to decorate the panels.  For this one I stamped on a small piece of Vertigo and then enhanced the butterfly with StazOn Studio Glaze.  Using "3 in 1" adhesive the butterfly was attached to the panel easily.  Now just decorate and glue the finished panels to blank cards.  Here is one of the cards I created from this.  I'll share others at a later date.  I've included a supply list of products used here.

IMAGINE Crafts featuring Tsukineko:  Radiant Neon reinkers:  Electric Blue, E. Purple, E. Green, E. Yellow, E. Pink;  StazOn:  Jet Black reinker, Midnight Blue ink pad;  StazOn Studio Glaze:  Gold, Claret;
Vertigo panel: Breeze, Craft Mat
Stamps:  Butterfly:  Stampendous;  phrase:  DeNami Designs
Stencils:  Artistcellar:  Chunky Chevron, Sea Foam
Miscellaneous:  watercolor paper, bottle cap, heat gun, paper cutter, adhesive, brayer

Thanks for stopping by today, know that I always appreciate your visits and comments.  Hugs~ Renee

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Faux Gelli Plate page

This will be my last post on Artistcellar as a Design Team member.  I've really enjoyed my Tuesdays and will continue to use my wonderful stencils in my art.  Check out their blog to see the details of how this card was made.

Hugs, talk to you soon!  ~ Renee

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Another entry to my Jane Davenport stencil storage book

This is the final entry to my JD stencil storage book.  This face is called my "Gypsy Girl" and is made using the JD stencil called Tilted Up.  Pop over to the Artistcellar blog if you'd like to see how she was done.

I'm down in Myrtle Beach, SC right now house hunting.  Thinking of all my friends in Mass.  This winter was one of the snowiest ever, we had over 100 inches!  I'll keep you all posted on my whereabouts.  :)
Hugs ~ Renee

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A creative way to store your stencils

Every Tuesday I share a stencil project using Artistcellar stencils.  This week is a continuation of a creative way to store your favorite stencils in a small hand folded book.  Check out the instructions on the Artistcellar blog!

See you next Tuesday for additions into the storage mini book.  Thanks for stopping by!  Hugs ~Renee