Sunday, December 27, 2015

Make a practical little gift box

 Well, my 2015 term as a DT member with IMAGINE Crafts/Tsukineko is nearing its end.  It has been a fun year creating projects for them 3 times a month but there's a new team in place for 2016 and it's time for me to move on.  I will always love their products, I do believe they are exceptional and I will continue to use them.  This project is a gift box and is great for holding completed Zentangle tiles or even coasters.  Here is how I made it.

Supply list
IC/T supplies
Delicata 4 ink pad
irRESISTible Pico Embellishers:  Bronze, Copper
Memento Markers:  Pistachio, Pear Tart, Bamboo Leaves, Love Letter
StazOn:  Jet Black ink pad
Miscellaneous supplies
Old book paper, Stabilo All pencil, Golden Self Leveling Gel Medium, watercolor paper, Idea-o-logy metal feet and pull knob, card board cardstock, Chalkboard Paint, The Groove Tool with sandpaper tip, adhesive

1.       Choose a card board box, new or recycled and paint it inside and out with black Chalkboard paint.  Use the Groove Tool with the sandpaper tip to rough up the edges and apply a small amount of red marker to distressed edges.  When dry attach metal feet to the bottom of box with a strong adhesive and begin working on the lid.

2.        Cut a piece of background paper, this one is from a previous master board.  Cut a flower basket out of old book paper and adhere it to the background panel.

3.        Stamp flowers and cut them out using old book paper.  Glue the flowers to the panel, color in the flowers and leaves with Memento Markers.  Use a stencil and some gesso to make a tablecloth at the bottom of the basket.  Allow to dry.

4.        Use the irRESISTible Pico Embellishers to outline the flowers.  Screw the handle onto the middle of the arrangement.  Add metallic colors from the Delicata 4 ink pad.

5.        Adhere panel to a piece of card board cardstock, glue with a strong adhesive to the box.

6.        Apply dots with Copper irRESISTible Pico Embellisher; when dry apply a coat of Golden Self Leveling Gel to seal.  This can be filled with coasters, photos, candy, etc.  Whatever fits.

Thanks for stopping by!  Leave a comment if you have a moment, I love reading what you think.  Take care, hugs ~ Renee

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Got your coloring book? Now what......

Once you purchase a coloring book you may what do I do with it?  Why, color in the pages, of course!  What can you color it with?  Anything you've got on hand.  I started coloring in some of the pages in my copy of The Coloring Studio, it took longer than I expected.  Each page is unique in its representation of the artist who created it.  It is more like a workbook to me since there are so many instructions and hints throughout the entire book.  I started with one of my favorites, Mou Saha, on page 100.  I used Pan Pastels, Memento Markers, gesso, stencils, Micron pens and an irRESISTible Pico Embellisher.  It was a meditative, fun, relaxing experience.  You are not facing a blank page and have the liberty to do whatever floats your boat.  This is what my first page looks like now.

Next I thought it only fair that I color my own design on page 60.  The beauty of the book is that you can add even more doodling to the pages or add stamps, etc. to the pages.  Remember the quote that says "art is never finished, just abandoned".  Play with the pages until you feel like abandoning them.  Here's my page.

I couldn't seem to stop adding tangles, color, stamps, etc. to the page.  Finally abandoned.

Whatever coloring book you choose I hope you're having some relaxing moments with it!  Later down the road I'm sure I'll be tearing out pages and doing other projects with them but for now I'll leave them in the book.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you're having a good one.  Hugs ~ Renee

Monday, December 14, 2015

Published! The upcoming issue of the Stampers' Sampler

Wow!  I just received my advance copy of the Stampers' Sampler and I was thrilled to see some of my work in print.  It has been a long year with moving and all, that made it difficult for me to submit work to publications on a regular basis.  I felt a bit like a gypsy with my plastic tubs of art supplies, dragging them from one place to another for months on end.  When we finally loaded up my Jeep to drive down from Massachusetts to South Carolina almost the entire truck was full of my art supplies.  It's a good thing we had movers bringing the furniture and close friends driving Joe's car down full of clothes, etc.  Seriously, it was a little ridiculous but, oh well, bygones.  Here is what the next issue looks like and a few of the pages.

Finnabair's new stamps by Prima

Kate Crane's new stamps by Stampotique

The issue is loaded with great ideas.  So many wonderful artists have contributed, there are lots of new techniques to try.  My friend Lynne Moncrieff has some LOVELY cards on 58 & 59 of this issue that are gorgeous. If you're near a Barnes & Noble or any where else the magazine is offered be sure and check it out. 

 Thanks for stopping by and allowing me to share my joy with you!  Hugs ~  Renee

Friday, December 11, 2015

And we have a WINNER!

The winner of the new "Coloring Studio" book is.....


Congratulations!  Please email me your mailing address ASAP (you have until 12/15/15 to get that to me) and I will send it on to Stampington, they will mail the coloring book directly to you.

Thank you all for entering!  We will have to do another contest like that one soon, don't you think?

Thanks again everyone, have a great weekend.  Hugs ~ Renee

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Baby it's cold outside! A multi layered card

If you have a moment today you might want to check out my many layered mixed media card on the IMAGINE Crafts/Tsukineko blog.  This cute panel can be used on a card or mounted onto a small box.  Today's offering is a card but I'll sharing the little boxes at a later date.  Here is a sneak peek, the directions can be found on the link.

I hope you have entered your name in the drawing for the new Coloring Book from Stampington.  If not, you have until Friday to do so.
Thanks so much for stopping by today.  I hope this finds you all well and happy!  Hugs ~ Renee

Sunday, December 6, 2015

A GiveAway: Stampington's "The Coloring Studio Book"!!

I was amazed to realize recently that I have had 500 posts on this blog since I began.  I started blogging just to keep track of life and different creative endeavors I was pursuing.  It started out as a food blog since I was at that time writing articles for a food column in our local newspaper and entering baked goods at the Fair every fall.  My daughter's friends said it was boring because I didn't have any pictures to show what I was doing so I started photographing dishes, etc. to make it more interesting.  Then someone said my pictures weren't very good so I had to go buy a decent camera and learn how to use it and edit things.  Here I am years later still falling down that rabbit hole learning as I go just so I can keep up.  Fun times.  Seriously, it keeps me grounded and I have met so many amazing artists along the way.

To celebrate this occasion and the fact that I have actually stayed with it all these years I have a wonderful give-away!  Stampington offered to send one of my followers a copy of the new coloring book they have just released called "The Coloring Studio".  It is not just an adult coloring book but has lessons all the way through.  Many of my favorite artists have been interviewed and offer all kinds of hints as well as inspiration.  The designs for the most part are complex and would be frame worthy after completion with your choice of coloring tools.

I was in the midst of moving from Mass. to SC during the call for artwork for the book but I did manage to create one page which Stampington was kind enough to include.  Mine is NOT one of the complicated beautiful pages it is just a Zen Doodle fun piece to play with.  Here it is on page 61.  I'm just happy to be included!

The process starts today.  There are just a couple of rules:  You must be a follower of my blog and reside within the USA (sorry everyone else).  Just leave a comment on this post starting now and I will announce the winner of the random draw on Friday, Dec. 11th at noon EST.  The book will be mailed directly to you from Stampington.  Please contact me by Dec. 15th with your mailing address or I'll be forced to choose another name.  If my blog is being difficult and won't let you comment, she does that sometimes, email me and I'll make sure you are included in the draw.

If you have a chance pop over to Stampington's blog and look at some of the finished pages they have displayed, here's their link.  In the meantime, thanks for hanging in there with me all these years, know that I appreciate your visits and each comment that you leave.  I not only read them but the comments have affected what I do artistically and improvements that I've tried to make during this time.  Thank you!
Hugs and best wishes ~  Renee

Monday, November 30, 2015

Mini Wood Pallet Art from Art-C

Every time I see a wood pallet on the side of the road I'm strongly tempted to stop and put it in the back of my truck so I can create some artwork on it.  My husband keeps saying that it wouldn't be a good idea....blah, blah, blah.  So you can imagine my excitement when Momenta/Art-C, you know the ones who created The Groove Tool, asked me if I'd like to create a project for Art-C using their Mini Wood Pallets and Art-C paints.  They very kindly sent me this box full of goodness:

I've been playing around mixing the paints, watering them down, sponging them through stencils, all the usual techniques and must admit I am a fan.  A little bit of the paint goes a long way and it blends beautifully.  The pallets are all different sizes as you can see in the photo.  I chose one that measures 6" by 6" for my first project and used the mini stencils, collage kits and clips to decorate with.  Here's what I created as my first small wall hanging.

Supply List
Art-C Products
  • 6" by 6" Art-C wood Pallet
  • Art-C paints:  Gel Stain: Blue, Chestnut;  Metallic Paint:  Gold;  Ultra Chalk:  White
  • Art-C Adhesive Stencils:  Chevron & Lattice
  • Art-C Clips
  • Art-C Collage Kits:  Word Play, Ephemera, Botanical
  • The Groove Tool
Other supplies used:

Thread, ribbon, adhesive, bottle cap for circles, old credit card for lines, paintbrushes, spray water bottle, craft mat, paper cutter, scissors, Baby Wipes, permanent black ink


1.  Mix paints either on a craft mat or directly on the wooden pallet, blend together with a baby wipe until you have the desired color.  When the paint is dry apply some of the White Ultra Chalk paint and blend it with the baby wipe.  Allow to dry naturally or with a heat gun.  Use the Groove Tool with the Coarse Sanding tip to rough up the surface a tad, just to distress it a bit.

2.  Place the adhesive stencil on the painted pallet, using a sponge and Gold Metallic Paint, sponge the paint onto the board, move the stencil and apply as much as desired.

3.  Rinse off the first stencil, adhere the Chevron stencil and apply White Ultra Chalk Paint with a sponge.

4.  Use a bottle cap and the white paint to make circles on the board, apply some of the Chestnut Gel Stain to a craft mat, mix it with water, load a paint brush and flick droplets onto the board for added interest.  Allow to dry.  The edges were distressed with the Gold Metallic paint and followed up with black ink to tone it down a little.  Just use a blending tool to apply a small amount of black ink to the edges.  Lines were made with an old credit card and the black ink pad.
5.  Choose the ephemera to decorate the prepared surface.  The lace trim was colored using the Blue, Chestnut and Gold paints.  Roll the lace or ribbon in the paints, spray with water until you have the desired color and dry.  Ink the edges of the other items with ink pads or sponge with the paints.  The wooden word "love" was colored with the Gold and Chestnut paints.  When everything is dry just start making the desired arrangement.

6.  Here is my lovely little piece of Wood Art Pallet art!  You could add personal photos, etc. to the mix.  Whatever your heart desires.  These Wood Pallets could also be arranged to make a Pallet Collage, the possibilities are running through my mind even as we speak. 

My thanks to Catherine Scanlon at Momenta/Art-C products for thinking I might like to give this a try.  I will share with you the other projects I create along the way using the Wood Art Pallets.  So nice not to have to pick up giant pallets on the side of the road, these are just my size.  

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your visits and hope you have time to leave a comment.  Hugs ~ Renee

Friday, November 27, 2015

Mail Art Envelope

If you have some time today you can pop on over to the IMAGINE Crafts/Tsukineko blog and see a piece of mail art that I created using their products and a little Zen Doodling with a Micron pen.  Here's the link and a sneak peek.

I hope you like it.  Warm wishes to you all ~ hugs ~Renee

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Chunky ATC made with Digis

I recently came across some lovely digi designs made by the wonderful artist Julie Lee and sold in her Etsy shop.  (here's the link in case you want to check them out for yourself)  I love to download sheets like this, it is truly instant gratification!  Julie Lee does some adorable faces sized to fit an ATC, I cut out the panels, added some stamping and distressed the edges.  Just glue them to the wood block and enhance.

Thanks for stopping by, if you get a chance check out Julie Lee's work!  Hugs ~ Renee

Friday, November 20, 2015

Kodak Moments in Myrtle Beach, SC

As I mentioned before we have recently relocated to Myrtle Beach, SC.  The scenery here is different from Massachusetts but equally beautiful in a different way (read:  no snow).  My daughter, Holly, came last week for a visit and we did a lot of exploration around the area.  Here are a few snapshots of some of the activities that took place over the course of the week.  Fun!  Lots of Starbucks!!

A little mother/daughter time together

The Boardwalk Ferris Wheel

The view from the Ferris Wheel, I didn't know Holly hates ferris wheels!

A helicopter ride was involved

Holly was happy, I was terrified for 3 minutes, she didn't know I hate helicopters.  :-)

The view from the helicopter of the shoreline

Lots of walks on the beaches here

Sunset walk on Pawley's Island just down the coast

Those are just a few of our photos from last week.  Wouldn't this be a great place for an Art Retreat?
Thanks for stopping by and allowing me to share some great memories with you!
Hugs  ~ Renee

Friday, November 13, 2015

Green with Envy card

Here is a fun card to check out on the IMAGINE Crafts/Tsukineko blog today.  It is an all occasion card made using Memento Luxe inks and Stampotique stamps.  Here is a peek and the link to the tutorial.

Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate your visit as well as each and every comment!
Hugs ~ Renee

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Stampotique Challenge "Bright Colors" ~SDC220~

This week Carol Fox is the hostess on the Stampotique Designers Challenge and she is challenging us to "Bright Colors"
Here is what Carol says about this challenge:

"Bright eye popping colors to brighten up November"

So let's see your best and brightest projects this week.

Your participation could lead to winning a great prize!

This started as just a warm up sheet of paper using stamps and tangling around them.  I usually practice Zentangle patterns early in the morning while I have my coffee.  When the paper is filled up it goes into the pile to be photocopied or cut up, whatever I need it for.  I used exclusively Stampotique stamps on the paper before adding the Zentangle patterns.

Here it is in black and white.  I wish I had used a heavier paper instead of just card stock.  I started out with Brushos and water which made the paper twist and warp.  I then switched over to Memento markers and colored it in like one of those new-fangled coloring book pages.  Fun.  Later I can cut it up and make whatever out of it.

Stampotique Stamps used for this:

  • Girl with heart purse
  • Portland
  • Girl with Lunchbox
  • Blah, Blah, L'artist & People Person

Other supplies:
  • Micron black pen
  • Memento Markers
  • Brushos w/water

I am also submitting this to Craft Stamper's Take It Make It Challenge for November~ Take a Stamp

Thanks for your visit, I always appreciate it!  Hugs ~ Renee

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Just a whisper of color from StazOn Studio Glaze

Check out the tutorial on the IMAGINE Crafts/Tsukineko blog showing how to make this cute little canvas!  Here is the link.  Sneak peek below.

Just A Whisper Of Color

Thanks so much for stopping by, I always appreciate your visits.  Take care, hugs ~ Renee

Friday, October 30, 2015

Got Keys? A tutorial showing how you can make your own unique key holder.

Here is a link to a tutorial on the IMAGINE Craft/Tsukineko blog showing how I made this cute key holder for our new place.  A simple project that anyone can do and everyone can use!  Use your own color palette and whatever stickers you might have in your stash.  Sneak peek.

I hope this finds you all well!  Thanks for stopping by, leave a comment if you have time just so I know you're there, have a great weekend.  Hugs ~ Renee

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Zentangle 101 Class in a local consignment store

Well, I taught my first class here in Myrtle Beach, SC.  A lady who owns a local consignment store called the Flamingo Porch asked if I'd be interested in teaching some kind of art class in her store during store hours and I said "Sure!"  I figured Zentangle 101 was the least messy class I could teach and I had some wonderful students who had never heard of Zentangle before that signed up.  They were amazing.  Here are their finished tiles.

We started with the basics:  Hollibaugh, Crescent Moon and Poke Root.

Then we moved forward to Knightsbridge, Msst, Keeko, and some fillers.

The final tile was dedicated to learning Rick's Paradox, one of my all time favorites.  We added a little bit of Flux to the edges.

Here's a group photo that has most of the students in it.  I have to be quicker with my camera next time before any of them get away!

I'm so proud of these ladies and what they were able to learn in just 2 hours!  Amazing, like Rick and Maria say it is just "one stroke at a time".  All the students are newbies to this art form.  We caused quite a stir right there tangling in the middle of the store at a large table that was for sale.  A girls gotta do what she has to do, right?

So far Myrtle Beach has been kind to us.  We're really enjoying the weather, the people are absolutely lovely and after just a couple of months here I'm getting back out there teaching and crafting here at home.

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your visits and comments.  Take care, hugs ~ Renee

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Paris card on the IMAGINE Crafts/Tsukineko blog

Check out my "Paris" card featured on the IC/T blog.  Here's the link.

Thanks for stopping by!  Hugs ~ Renee

Saturday, October 17, 2015

"Thinking outside the box" project

For a fun project to do with a nice sturdy box that you want to recycle take a look at this project on the IMAGINE Crafts/Tsukineko AIRs blog.  Here's the link.  Sneak peek below!

I hope your having a great weekend.  Thanks for stopping by.   Hugs ~ Renee

Friday, October 16, 2015

The (new) Groove Tool Winner!

I have drawn a new name since I didn't hear from the first winner of the Groove Tool.  The new winner is Jackie P. Neal.  Congratulations!  Please contact me at my new email:

Thanks! ~ Renee

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Making cards using a masterboard

These are the two cards I made using my Seth Apter stenciled master board.

The master board portion is the torn paper at the bottom of the stamped and drawn panel.  The girl's face was inspired by the artist Karen O'Brien in the new magazine called "Faces".  I can't wait for her new book to be released!  She has directions showing how she draws her faces in the magazine, it left me just wanting more.

Here again I'm using just a small portion of the master board to create the stem of the flower.  Using your master board this way adds texture and interest to the project.

I hope you'll make your own original master boards, they're not only fun to make and but fun to cut up and use later!
Thanks for stopping by ~ hugs ~ Renee

P.S.  I have not heard back from the winner of the last week's giveaway "The Groove Tool".  If I don't hear from her by tonight I'll be drawing a new winner and announcing it tomorrow (Friday) morning.  Check back then, I'll give the new winner until Monday to let me know their mailing address so I can ship it out.   Best wishes to you all!