Monday, November 30, 2015

Mini Wood Pallet Art from Art-C

Every time I see a wood pallet on the side of the road I'm strongly tempted to stop and put it in the back of my truck so I can create some artwork on it.  My husband keeps saying that it wouldn't be a good idea....blah, blah, blah.  So you can imagine my excitement when Momenta/Art-C, you know the ones who created The Groove Tool, asked me if I'd like to create a project for Art-C using their Mini Wood Pallets and Art-C paints.  They very kindly sent me this box full of goodness:

I've been playing around mixing the paints, watering them down, sponging them through stencils, all the usual techniques and must admit I am a fan.  A little bit of the paint goes a long way and it blends beautifully.  The pallets are all different sizes as you can see in the photo.  I chose one that measures 6" by 6" for my first project and used the mini stencils, collage kits and clips to decorate with.  Here's what I created as my first small wall hanging.

Supply List
Art-C Products
  • 6" by 6" Art-C wood Pallet
  • Art-C paints:  Gel Stain: Blue, Chestnut;  Metallic Paint:  Gold;  Ultra Chalk:  White
  • Art-C Adhesive Stencils:  Chevron & Lattice
  • Art-C Clips
  • Art-C Collage Kits:  Word Play, Ephemera, Botanical
  • The Groove Tool
Other supplies used:

Thread, ribbon, adhesive, bottle cap for circles, old credit card for lines, paintbrushes, spray water bottle, craft mat, paper cutter, scissors, Baby Wipes, permanent black ink


1.  Mix paints either on a craft mat or directly on the wooden pallet, blend together with a baby wipe until you have the desired color.  When the paint is dry apply some of the White Ultra Chalk paint and blend it with the baby wipe.  Allow to dry naturally or with a heat gun.  Use the Groove Tool with the Coarse Sanding tip to rough up the surface a tad, just to distress it a bit.

2.  Place the adhesive stencil on the painted pallet, using a sponge and Gold Metallic Paint, sponge the paint onto the board, move the stencil and apply as much as desired.

3.  Rinse off the first stencil, adhere the Chevron stencil and apply White Ultra Chalk Paint with a sponge.

4.  Use a bottle cap and the white paint to make circles on the board, apply some of the Chestnut Gel Stain to a craft mat, mix it with water, load a paint brush and flick droplets onto the board for added interest.  Allow to dry.  The edges were distressed with the Gold Metallic paint and followed up with black ink to tone it down a little.  Just use a blending tool to apply a small amount of black ink to the edges.  Lines were made with an old credit card and the black ink pad.
5.  Choose the ephemera to decorate the prepared surface.  The lace trim was colored using the Blue, Chestnut and Gold paints.  Roll the lace or ribbon in the paints, spray with water until you have the desired color and dry.  Ink the edges of the other items with ink pads or sponge with the paints.  The wooden word "love" was colored with the Gold and Chestnut paints.  When everything is dry just start making the desired arrangement.

6.  Here is my lovely little piece of Wood Art Pallet art!  You could add personal photos, etc. to the mix.  Whatever your heart desires.  These Wood Pallets could also be arranged to make a Pallet Collage, the possibilities are running through my mind even as we speak. 

My thanks to Catherine Scanlon at Momenta/Art-C products for thinking I might like to give this a try.  I will share with you the other projects I create along the way using the Wood Art Pallets.  So nice not to have to pick up giant pallets on the side of the road, these are just my size.  

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your visits and hope you have time to leave a comment.  Hugs ~ Renee


  1. I've seen these and been tempted. LOVE how you altered yours and all the stenciling. Wonderful!

  2. What a fun "puzzle" to assemble, Renee! Creative use of those mini stencils, too. I like creating smaller pieces of art, so these palettes are perfect. Going to check them out! Thanks for the step-by-step tutorial here. Merry Christmas to you (without the snow this year, of course!).

  3. OMGosh- see wishing does make it so- even if it is a smaller size! teeheehee
    What a generous company and how very delightful your palette came out! I adore it- so beautiful Renee!! xo

  4. Thank you for creating such a beautiful project Renee, we love it!

  5. I received the same box full of goodies and it's amazing to see how different your finished work is from mine...BTW, yours is fabulous!!