Friday, March 8, 2013

Snow Day!

A friend of ours is in Shanghai right now on business.  He emailed us to check on the severity of this storm since the Chinese have dubbed it "Snow-maggedon".  It is snowing about an inch per hour so since yesterday we have quite an accumulation out there.  Here is what the "cake" on the deck table looks like right now.
My garden is definitely blanketed in white!  That's a good thing though it'll keep everything nice and cozy!

I'm teaching a Calendar Class tomorrow at Ink About It in Westford, MA but by then the storm should have passed and everything should be back to normal around here.  I had previously posted the June calendar pages that I'm teaching, the one I'm showing on the blog today is Option 2 for the calendar pages. 


The beauty of Art Journal pages is that you can just keep adding to them.  I changed the Prima girls out a little, adding a different one so there are two different girls on this one.  My students are encouraged to make what ever changes they want on their pages since it is their book.  My group is pretty amazing, everyone has the same supplies but each book looks very different.  I keep hoping to snap a photo of their work but time and people just slip away too quickly for me to get the shot.  I'll try again tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!  Thanks for stopping by, talk to you soon.


  1. I hope you get to make your class, that is some kind of mega snow! Love it though, miss the snow! Oh that! Love your pages...Cute and colorful!

  2. I love your calendar page!Such a contrast to all that snow!

  3. I'm new to your blog. Love the art you make.