Friday, September 27, 2013

Pam Carriker Teaches Using Face Stencils

We were very fortunate to have Pam Carriker here at Ink About It in Westford, MA last weekend.  There were two all day classes that were taught and they were AMAZING!  We also had an opportunity to purchase her new stamps, stencils and new book.  Here are just a few photos of what was taking place and some of the students.

Here is the beautiful and talented Pam.

We folded 90# watercolor paper into 2 different sizes of work books.  This is handy to know so you can make your own art journals with a few simple folds.
Pam is demonstrating the final fold on one of the books.
This is one of Pam's samples showing how to use one of the face stencils.
Pam made it look like this with just gesso, a Stabilo Aquarellable pencil and some water.  Amazing!

Using bright acrylic paints, some water, a little black, gray, and white acrylic paint we learned how to make a color wheel.
Why make color wheels? you might ask.  By making color wheels you can find your own special palette of colors.  By making LOTS of color wheels, using her stencils, you really start to understand how color works.  You can use the wheel also as an element in your journal, as I did here in mine.
Since the class I've made about six color wheels and love filling them in, which I really didn't think I would but each one is so different.
My faces aren't as good as I would like them to be but I'm having fun doing a different style of face using bold colors that I mix myself and Pam's face stencils as my guides.  Here are a few samples of my own work.
I have to add some photos of the happy faces of the students in the classes!  We all had a fabulous time.

If you are not able to take one of Pam's classes, I would highly recommend her new book called Creating Art at the Speed of Life.  I started reading it while going through withdrawals after the classes ended.  I heard several people say exactly what I was thinking, I would have been happy to sit through a week's worth of classes with her.  The book also shows how to fold your own watercolor paper handmade journals, which are really cool.  

In closing I'd like to share some of Pam's amazing faces that she shared with us in her classes and very generously allowed us to photograph.  If you are interested in seeing more of her work, she is featured in the latest Art Journaling magazine by Somerset Studio (Autumn 2013 issue).

Thanks for stopping by and allowing me to share these fantastic classes with you!  Take care~Renee


  1. Thank you Renee for sharing!
    How fabulous to be there-I can only imagine! I'm so jealous-again ;D

  2. Great faces ... all of them! What a great class opportunity.

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful two-days event and classes with this great artist, wow !! You're lucky Renee ! And thank you for sharing all that with us, and doing colour wheels by yourself seems to be a very good idea... Coco xx

  4. Thanks for sharing all these pics. Wow! I sure wish I could've been there.