Monday, December 16, 2013

100 Faces Project

I'm still drawing a face a day for 100 days, this is my second time around.  After the first 100 days of drawing faces I found that I missed not drawing one every day so I decided to just start again.  Today's face is one of a child done with my Magic pencil, Stabilo Aquarellable, on watercolor paper.  I did the blending with a little bit of gesso.  For some reason drawing a face a day is very relaxing and only takes a few minutes.  I have been able to draw some faces without the help of stencils which for me is tremendous progress.

Not perfect but then neither am I.  The more you draw the faces the easier it gets and you can actually chart your own progress by dating the projects.  If it has been your dream to draw faces I would highly recommend trying the stencils by Pam Carriker, Jane Davenport and Julie Balzer.

Try something new today, get out of your comfort zone.  Take care, thanks so much for stopping by!  I always appreciate your visits.  ~ Renee


  1. What a great face, Renee! I love those tones and the shading. I'm paying a lot of attention to your faces just for coloring my stamped faces. LOL ...adaptation.

  2. This piece is absolutely amazing, Renee! Your color palette adds a softness to your image that is endearing. Your progress has been amazing. You make me want to try my first face . . .

  3. Commendable that you are going twice! What a sweet sweet innocent face! Gorgeous!