Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Using Artistcellar Stencils in my Art Journal

It is Tuesday so it must be Artistcellar stenciling day!  Today I'm using my stencils in my art journal.

I always have my journal turned to two blank pages when I'm doing a lot of stenciling on other projects, this way I don't waste any of my inks.  These two pages were evidently test pages to see what color of Turquoise I had in the bottle and then a blast of Bubblegum Pink found its way there too.  I wiped a Balzer Silhouette Script stencil with Angel Pink irRESISTibles off on it at a later date.  At this point it doesn't look like much of anything to most people but when I look at it I see ball gowns.

After choosing my background in my journal  I went back to my Master Board stash and found a piece of paper that I worked on a couple of weeks ago.  I cut three tags out of this, smeared a glob of gesso in the center of each tag, stamped some of Dina Wakley's faces on it and a corset stamp that I got for free in the new Craft Stampers magazine and Voila! I was ready to play.

The lady tags were glued to the art journal pages and then I drew their dresses on with a black pen.

After their ball gowns were drawn on I added another lady tag to the mix.  I began just writing a little story randomly around the ladies, put crowns on them and gave one some flowers.  It didn't seem bold enough for my taste so I pulled out some more stencils, these are by Tamara Laporte and are called Tam's Inspiration. In this series of word stencils you'll find inspirational words written in Tam's lettering style.  I used Black StazOn ink with a sponge dauber to stencil these words onto my pages:  believe, stardust and you matter.

 Once the ink was dry I had my two pages done.  It is always fun to play in my art journal it gives me ideas to try on cards and mixed media canvases later.

My message on Tuesdays is always the same, get your stencils out and play with them in all sorts of different ways.  You'll be glad you did, I know I always am.  Take care, see you next Tuesday!  Hugs, Renee xx


  1. AWESOME !
    Would match perfekt to our Collage theme this month over at
    would be great to meet you there!

  2. Wow, this is great, so glad Susi invited ou to join in at AJJ! Great contribution - thanks! Valerie

  3. What great play pages Renee!!
    I want to hear the story of the gals in their gowns!! I love how you just roll art right out! Wonderful!! xo

  4. What a great "girly" spread, Renee! I recognize both the heads and the bodice stamps! What a fun combination to support your great stencils! Love this!

  5. What fascinating "playing" and a great result. You're very inventive.

  6. This is simply amazing - I was intrigued by your work and have been snooping around on your blog - just gorgeous - had to join in!

  7. Great pages! Don't you love having masterboard pages to reach for and chop into what you need?