Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A glimpse inside CHA Anaheim 2016 and Stampington

Hi I'm back!  My stay in California not only included several days at CHA but also a month long visit with my 90 year old mother.  I stayed after CHA to take care of her and allow my siblings a well deserved rest.  So my visit was very busy and I didn't have my computer with me hence my long silence.

I wanted to share some photos of what it's like being inside CHA, a couple of the classes taught there and also a quick side trip to Stampington in Laguna Hills.

First I picked up my friend Marjie Kemper at CHA and we drove south to Stampington to visit editor Devon Warren.  Here is a photo of Devon, on the left, and her sister who also works at Stampington.

It was pouring rain that day and we had trouble locating the offices, which is comical since I used to work almost directly across the street about 30 years ago.  Here's the outside of the office.

We couldn't take many photos inside to share since most of it is top secret and hasn't been published yet.  Over the weekend I had the privilege of meeting many more editors and the CEO of Stampington, Kellene Giloff, which quite frankly blew my mind.  I met up with my friend, the highly published Tenia Nelson, and together we visited the Stampington booth at CHA.  It was a terrific experience to hear some of their ideas for next year.

Marjie taught a class sharing a lot of mixed media ideas, it is obvious by the smiling faces that it was a success.  I was fortunate that she had my daughter and me assist her during the class.  We benefited by hearing the class and getting to hang out with Marjie and other great artists.

DecoArt teachers Dianne Bush, Tracy Weinzapfel and Marjie Kemper

The lull before the storm

Students from all around the world attended Marjie's class

I met Tracy Weinzapfel through Marjie and this resulted in being asked to assist her with her class the next day!  Who would say no to that, not me.  Fun, fun, fun!

More about that in the next blog post.  Here are a few of the other artists that are readily available at CHA and teach techniques throughout the day.

Seth is a lovely person, he was doing a demo for Spellbinders.

It was so fun to capture John's expression when he looked up and saw me in the audience.  Surprise!

For an artist CHA is a complete sensory overload experience!  So much to see and so many things to do at this event.  It goes on for days and yet it seems impossible to see everything.  All the new products are being demonstrated every step of the way.  Ranger had all of their Signature Designers there such as:  Tim Holtz, Dyan Reaveley and Dina Wakley.  It is amazing to be able to just watch these designers create and discuss their techniques in such a relaxed atmosphere.

I hope you enjoyed the few photos that I had on my camera to post.  There are many more on my iPhone but I'll spare you from having to look at all of those too.

I will share with you more about Tracy's class in a couple of days.  Thanks so much for stopping by, it is so good to be home, back in my studio and online again.  I missed you all more than you know.  Hugs ~ Renee


  1. Hi Renee! Lucky you, eh?! I'm looking forward to see lots of new fun stuff.

  2. Hi
    I've just this minute emailed you!
    Wonderful to read of your time at CHA and Stampington. Lovely photograph of you, your daughter and Marjie.
    What wonderful experiences and I am sure your mother enjoyed the time you spent with her.

  3. What a great trip. So full of meeting new and old friends, creating and assisting. Isn't Marje wonderful?

  4. I didn't know you got to go to Stampington...THAT IS AWESOME!!!! Great pics!

  5. Wonderful to relive CHA through your eyes. Glad we had a bit of a chance to hang out!

  6. Renee, how absolutely exciting! So happy you have shared CHA through your eyes, a very different experience- thank you my friend! xo

  7. What great pics! You and Holly were so wonderful to help me in class. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  8. Attending CHA has always been on my "bucket" list, but it is falling further and further behind as I age. I am so happy that you were able to go. Marjie and Seth are two of my very favorite artists and people, right up there with Renee! And, I am proud to say that I own a piece of original art created by Tracy Wwinzapfel! Great post, Renee!