Monday, August 29, 2016

National Dog Day

I love animals but my husband is so allergic the only pets in this house are the ones I've drawn.  Since August 26th was National Dog Day I felt it was appropriate to share my friend Ella Wilson's dog Maggie with everyone.  Ella commissioned me to do a ZIA version of her sweet Cairn Terrier and here is the finished picture.

I took photos of the process if you'd like to see it.  I started with a piece of watercolor paper to which I had applied a thin coating of gesso.  The reason I apply the gesso is so I can apply color to the drawing or Ella can apply color later.  I feel like the gesso gives me more control over how much of the color I leave on the page.  Ella is a mixed media artist in her own right and may want to add different elements to the drawing later, I will leave that up to her.

After the gesso was dry I traced a copy of her dog from a photo that she had emailed me.  Just the outline of her dog, I can try to get the look in her eyes from that photo also.  Once the outline is there I section off areas of the dog with light pencil marks and each area receives a different tangle until it looks complete.

Thanks for stopping by and allowing me to share my process with you!  Have a great week ~ hugs~ Renee


  1. amaze me! To sketch her is amazing, but to fill in with tangles appropriately sized and angled is another thing. I am sure your friend will treasure this! LOVE this!!!

  2. Awe, I am so, happy you shared your art and my furry girl~ You did a remarkable job capturing her personality~ I love all the details you gave her-amazing! You are so, talented! Thank you, Renee for sharing my Magpie~ She will proudly hang in my art space..I hope you signed your work~ It was worth it to have a Renee original~ Hugs

  3. He's adorable. Love your work!

  4. Wow- such patience you have Renee!! xo