Friday, September 2, 2016

Hurricane Hermine is passing through today, time to Stay Calm and Color On!

Well, this is what our day looks like today.  It seems like Hurricane Hermine has decided to pay us a short visit.  Our pond in the back was getting quite low due to a recent dry spell, not a problem now it is full to the brim!

I did what any mixed media artist would do in a situation like this.  I stayed home, baked bread, made soup and colored.  My friend Ella Wilson who lives in North Carolina told me before we moved down here that she calls hurricane weather "blizzard weather".  Since she is from New England we both knew what that meant.  When the weather is bad up north everyone hunkers down and stays home.  Most residents are prepared for inclement weather and can be self sufficient for days on end.  One time we lost power for 3 days due to a blizzard.  We made our own refrigerator on a teak table outside, brought our camping stove into the kitchen and built a fire in the fireplace that blazed for 3 days straight.  We slept in front of that fire the whole time in reclining chairs.  It seems like the longer you live in NE the more stubborn you get.  The first year that happened we headed for a hotel for almost a week.  Being from Southern California we had no idea how to handle a situation like that but we learned quickly.

I used my Coloring Studio Workbook Vol 1 to pass the time today.  These two pages are by Ruth Dailey and are very abstract drawings.  I used Inktense Watercolor pencils and a water brush to color them in.

So my advice today is "Stay Calm and Color On".  Hugs ~ Renee


  1. Seems like you had the perfect things to do today! Stay safe.

  2. Renee, you are seasoned from now the north and south!! I love that you baked-that is what I do, too~ I love your colored pages-so, vibrant and beautiful. The wind is picking up here and I am thinking of you and how you and hubby are doing! I hope it isn't bad and we don't lose the power! Yes, blizzard weather is here~ Be safe and keep coloring!! I am going to do that, too~

  3. Beautiful pages! I do hope that Hermine passes quickly and easily- sending hugs,Jackie

  4. Your coloring is amazing! That first one is beyond words. I love looking at it.

    Frightening weather!!!