Sunday, July 8, 2018

Altered Paintbrushes in the works

I've been working on a series of altered paintbrushes for the past week or so.  Each one has her own name and story, of course.

The longer they sit on my desk the more I keep adding to each one.  So, what's on your work table right now?  Stay cool, the temps here have been consistently in the 90's and the humidity is right up there too.  It's a good time to stay indoors and craft.

Hugs ~ Renee


  1. Wow, aren’t these fun! I always love seeing altered paint brushes. Each character always has such a unique personality. I especially like the top middle one. Her face looks unique.

  2. Renee! These brushes are the best! I had seen a glimpse back on FB but to see them all here is WOW I am trying to figure out my favorite...So, I love the face and dark hair on the middle,she is a favorite, I love the body design of the third one with roses, she is a favorite, and I love everything about the first one with the dress! She is a favorite! Well there you have it! They are all my favorites!And i love the title for them- excellent! You are so gifted my friend! Jackie xo

  3. Definitely weather to play like this indoors.. you better not leave the house, cuz you create beauty when you're indoors.. LOL