Saturday, August 25, 2012

Liquid Polymer Clay ATCs

I took the most amazing class today at my LSS "Ink About It".  It was taught by Amy A. Crawley.  In this class we used liquid polymer clay as one of the elements in our ATCs.  We painted the liquid clay on to a ceramic tile, cut out phrases and laid them down into the clay.  After baking the clay and allowing it to cool we stamped images on it with STAZ-on ink.  When that ink had dried a second layer of liquid clay was applied and baked again.  Color was then added to the baked clay, when that was dry it was covered again with a third layer of clay and baked the final time.  Now came the tricky part.  We had to use a slicing blade.  Scary!  Surprisingly easy, after you slide that extremely sharp blade between the clay and the tile it just peels off in one nice long piece.  Of course I had to tear the edges, it didn't look right to me cut in a nice straight line.  We had already colored our watercolor paper ATC cards with pencils and added some doodles to them.  We just glued the clay paper right on to the ATC card with Mat Medium and added some ephemera.  There you have it....a very unusual and textured ATC.  Check out Amy's blog at  She is a great teacher and we all had a wonderful class!

Just a little Steampunk on this one!

I know I'm going to be playing around with this technique quite a few times in the near future.  I will try to remember to photograph the steps and share them with you.  It is so much fun and I'm sure there are a lot of different ways to use the finished product.  Have a great weekend!


  1. I need more, more, more!!! This technique looks fabulous! I've never seen or heard of liquid polymer intrigued! I would have loved this class too. Your aTC's are fabulous! They look like encaustics. Wow! More info for me please!

  2. These look fabulous... what a wonderfully different surface. Love the layering/embedding/baking process too.