Friday, October 26, 2012


There is a new book out called Joy of Zentangle by Design Originals.  I read about it the other day on Sandy Steen Bartholomew's blog.  What a surprise I had today when I received a copy of it from the publisher in my mail.  Oddly enough I was just going through some old emails yesterday when one came up from this publisher asking how and when I had become a Certified Zentangle Teacher.  They wanted to see a piece of my work as well.  So I told my little story and emailed them one of my mandalas that I made last year when I wasn't feeling well.  I didn't think of it again until I saw that email.  Now it is in a book.  I'm amazed.  My husband....not so much.  He said "wow, that's nice, when is dinner going to be ready".  Here is a photo of the book.  It does have a really nice break down of how to draw 101 Tangles.  Great for new tanglers and nice for us old tanglers as well.
This is the Zentangle Inspired Mandala I shared with them.

When I saw this today I suddenly remembered that I don't have this mandala any more.  About 6 months ago someone very dear to me was fighting AML, a form of acute leukemia.  She was struggling to cope with the diagnosis and I sent this to her with a long note written on the back as well as some Zentangle supplies, etc.  We had done Zentangle projects together many times but she had 2 small children and never enough time to sit for very long.  I was ill at the time and couldn't go for a visit but I told her the package was on the way. She received it and told me on the phone of her plans to do some mandalas herself to help her cope.  She could not accept how serious and deadly this disease was.  Unfortunately, she passed away very shortly thereafter.  When I saw this in the book today it opened a floodgate of all kinds of memories.  Many happy times and some profoundly sad. All in all, I'm just pleased that I happened to choose a photo of this piece of Zentangle to send to them.  It is  like a tiny memorial to a precious person that I could call a "friend".


  1. That is so beautiful, I loved that story and your tangle is perfect. Mr Z should try it some time then he might appreciate the process. I'm so impressed with your work it it meticulase. I don't havea steady hand (probably too much coffee).
    I send my tangles out often, they are like a little piece of me.

  2. Treasure it was meant to be in this book, so you would remember! Thank you for sharing this~ It is beautiful and think how much your touched her with you kindness!
    <3 @>------

  3. Congratulations on being featured in that book! Your mandala is so intricate and beautiful. I think it's even more special to be associated with your dear friend. What a lovely tribute.

  4. Tears. She had little children. I am sure this brought her some joy, and the fact that is was gone from you, to her, and now back to you through a published piece, is in my book called a God thing!!! You are an awesome giving person, and I am so proud you were published with this amazing piece of gorgeous Art! And to think you were are amazing!!!