Monday, October 22, 2012

Sweet Dreams Art Journal Page

I suffer from funny little bouts of insomnia from time to time.  It usually lasts for a month and then I'm good for a while.  Last night I couldn't fall asleep so I decided to just play in my studio until I dropped.  It only took until around 2:30 am.  Not bad.  Of course my ideas that seem so brilliant in the middle of the night usually don't look so hot in the morning light.  But I did do a jounaled art page that I still like this morning.
It started with Dina Wakley's hearts then I added a little Zentangle.  I decided with all those hearts the theme should be "love" (I really think that came from playing '80s love songs in the background).  The color surrounding everything is my new crush, Memento inks, applied with a sponge applicator.  I used Morocco red and a little Pistachio.  I wrote around parts of it with a black Copic Multi Liner 1.0.  Always nice to have some fun toys to access in the middle of the night, I used to do needlepoint all night long when I was younger.  I'd love to hear any thoughts or comments you might have, this art journaling thing is still pretty new to me.


  1. FABULOUS!!! Love to see the Tangles!!! Wonderful warm color as well! I have trouble sleeping a lot as well!