Monday, December 31, 2012

My Word for the New Year::Balance

Hello!  I'm back amongst the living.  I finally recovered from my "flu" bug and finished all my projects that had a deadline so I can take a deep breath before 2013 officially begins.  It seems a lot of artists that I follow have chosen one word to represent what they feel they want to focus on this year.  If I had to choose one word it would be "Balance".  Life is such a balancing act most of the time.  I want to make sure I stay balanced spiritually, physically and creatively.  So that will be my goal.  If any of you want to share your word for 2013 I would love to hear it.
I will have news that I feel is very exciting to share with you tomorrow.  In the meantime I'll share a couple of cards that I keep meaning to send in to be considered for publication.  Obviously I'm still in love with those little girl images from Hidden Vintage Studios.

My thanks to all of you who read my blog, I really do appreciate it and love to read your comments.  The reason I got so involved in blogging was to keep myself focused and on task.  I think it has helped me more than I expected since I have met so many other artists along the way.  They in turn have taught me new techniques and ways to push myself by meeting different challenges all through the year.   I can honestly say I have gained more than I have given.  My thanks to all of you all around the world!  Be safe.  We all get to start fresh tomorrow.  Isn't that the beauty of a new year?  Talk to you soon!


  1. I love your word, and the 3 criterion with it! I need this too! No way I can think of just one word...I need too many! I'm so thankful to have met you through blog are a friend! May you have the most amazingly blessed New Year!!!

  2. Hi Renee and Happy Creative New Year! I love your word. Balance is something that is sometimes hard to achieve but worth the effort. My word for this year is: Journey
    I chose journey because I want to take many new journey's this year in quite a few area especially in my art and art journaling, gardening, and cooking etc. Can't wait to get started.
    Happy New Year to everyone!
    Mansfield, MA

  3. Happy New Year, Renee! May it be one in which you learn great ways to keep life in balance!

    My word is 'playfulness' and I plan to blog about it very soon!

    I'm so happy that i may have worked out a way to comment on your blog - yes,
    i'm still having trouble commenting! Just thought you should know, as you may be missing out on many well deserved words of encouragement because of this glitch.


  4. Balance.. a great word to start 2013 with!
    Have a happy, healthy and creative 2013! Greetings Karin

  5. Happy New Year! That's such an important word, and I agree 100% on all the parts of our lives that need it. Maybe next year we should tattoo the words on our foreheads!