Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Map Card

Do you have any old maps laying around that you can recycle?  I not only have several but I found an old map book on sale at a Dollar Store the other day.  Great for recycling and doing work on when I'm trying to protect my work surface.  I just happened to receive some gifts in the mail from Taylor Usry, you might want to check out her blog when you get a chance:,  Anyway.....Taylor is the Social Media Coordinator for Crafter's Companion and also a member of the Imagine Crafts AIRs team, busy girl.  Taylor sent me some fabulous stamps to try out so of course I did first chance I got.  The Stamp-It (Australia) stamps are very clean and elegant.  I made a map card out of one of them.

The Frou Frou stamps by Kathleen Francour are adorable.   Here is a sample of one of them.

All very different but very cool in their own way.  Thanks to Taylor for the gifts and thanks to you for stopping by.  Talk to you soon.


  1. How fun to play with brand new stuff. Both cards are wonderful. I'm seeing maps used more and more lately. I definitely have a bunch of old ones around here that could be put to better use than dust collectors.

  2. Both very different yes, but both really remarkable... I Love the two !!!

  3. Yes, how fab n' fun! I love maps...I made a gift pouch out of one. Yes, it held treasure, lol!

    Beautiful and how fun to receive craft items to try out-so jealous right now ;D

  4. A new your map card! The color and of course the map, but then the compass is just icing! The stitching and layers are fantastic details! What a card! PINNING!

  5. I adore maps as BGs! Lucky you to score @ Dollar Store. That compass panel is fab on your map.