Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Art of Zentangle and 100 Faces

I just got a new book and I love playing with it!  It is called The Art of Zentangle by Walter Foster and is a sort of work book. 

One of my all time favorite Zentangle Inspired Artists is named Norma J. Burnell.  She is a CZT and one of the most amazing artists I've ever seen.  The morning before I bought this book I was looking at her work and wondering "how does she do this?!"  I found the book at the bookstore and guess what?  She has a whole section, pages 56 to 89, showing how she does her gorgeous "fantasy" drawings.  I need to spend some time doing the tangles step by step but first of all I had to jump right in and try to do it.  Not the best results but that is why it is a workbook and has it broken down step by step.  Here is the first face I did using this book.
Now I'll calm down, go back and learn how to do it right.  This rough sketch can count for one of my 100 Faces so it is not a  total waste.  If you have a chance to check out the book please do so.  It has many fantastic artists showing simple directions to inspire each of us to relax, breathe and enjoy the Zentangle process.

Have a great day, thanks for stopping by!  Talk to you soon~Renee


  1. As you know, the norm for zentangling does not capture my interest. But what you do with zentangles definitely captures my interest and spirit! She's a pretty face too!

  2. You used the word waste? Really? She is gorgeous! Especially for a first, and not even filled in yet with tangles! What a great book!

  3. Renne, Absolutely beautiful piece, and you did a fantastic job on the face. Wow, what sketch.
    :) Chris / CS Designs

  4. She is not a waste by any stretch. Love where you're going with these 100 faces!

  5. FANTASTIC drawing... So beautiful face my dear Renee, I'm really admiring !!! Love it!

  6. WOWAZA RENEE!!! She's gorgeous !!! Another amazing talent! Great job. Hope your summer is going healthy and beautifully. Miss you......... Keep up the beautiful work.