Sunday, November 17, 2013

100 Faces::Round 2

I enjoyed the challenge of drawing 100 Faces so much I decided to do it for a second time.  Once I got used to drawing a face (or more) every day I really missed it after I met my goal.  Taking Dina Wakley's recent portrait class has inspired me to start drawing faces again at least once a day.  Here goes the first one in this series.  I'll be sharing some along the way!

I hope this finds you all well.  I am recovering from a terrible cold that has knocked me for a loop!  I've been making a lot of chicken soup and tea, it seems to be working.  Take care of yourselves ~ Renee


  1. Wow Renee, love the softness of this portrait! She looks so innocent.

  2. This is positively dreamy.
    You brought character and soul to your drawing and I adore the fluidity of this piece.
    Hope you are feeling so much better.

  3. I agree with Lynne! She is dreamy and so stunning~ I love it! I am still so jealous of you hanging with Dina... ;D

    Get well soon! Hot n' Sour soup works wonders~

  4. This is really a Beauty... so sweet and beautiful !! Hope you are feeling better now Renee. I was a bit ill too last week, and away from home... so very bad times ! Hugs from Rennes, Coco xx

  5. Renee.. I can see the progress on your faces. It is true.. practice makes you better and this is beautiful.

  6. Hi, Renee, it is now Tuesday, so I hope you are two days better by now! Your beautiful lady has stolen my heart. There is a softness added (beyond color and shading) that your touch has added that is just mesmerizing! I am babysitting at the grandchildren's house this week, but when home and have more time, I will check out some of your other faces! Be well!

  7. Beautiful!!!!! So talented are you! Love her eyes, and soft wine color that is blowing as well is outside the confines of the well done!