Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Artistcellar Stencils on Canvas

It is Tuesday so I will be sharing some work done with Artistcellar Stencils. I am also joining in at Eclectric Paperie today with their "Stencils" challenge.  If you get a chance pop over there and take a look at some of the entries, they're very inspiring.

I am using two different stencils on this mixed media canvas, one is taken from Jill K. Berry's Map Art Series.  I am using the small rose from the Global Compass Rose stencil.  The other stencil I'm using is from TCW, it is called Raindrops (TCW 400).  I have several canvases that I was not happy with the original work I did on them, so I just painted over that and started again.  I bought some of Dina Wakley's new Heavy Body Acrylic Paint last week and I've been anxious to try it out.  The color I painted on the discarded canvas is her Blackberry Violet color and I must say it is gorgeous, it has a really nice texture to it.  Here is the finished canvas and then I have a short tutorial showing how I did this in the event that you're interested.

First I painted my canvas with Dina's Blackberry Violet acrylic paint.  You can still see the outline of the feathers stencil underneath the paint from the original work.

Then I used a stencil called Raindrops with white gesso, I applied the gesso with a paint brush.

.  I lifted the stencil straight up to keep the design clean.  When I finished I made sure to wash the gesso off of the stencil and also out of the paintbrush right away.

I used the Rose stencil from Jill's new series and stenciled just the small rose with Modeling Paste.

This canvas became a little surreal when I turned it upright and then attached the digital art from Hidden Vintage Studios at DeviantScrap.com.

I sponged a small amount of black acrylic paint over the roses and around the edges of the canvas.  I attached a piece of black twine to the balloon and it is finished.  The entire canvas measures 7 1/2" by 9 1/2".

Thanks so much for stopping by, if you have a chance please leave a comment.  I love reading your comments.  Take care, I'll talk to you soon.  ~ Hugs, Renee


  1. I am so glad to read that I am not the only person who re-purposes canvases (and more)!
    That colour is luscious and I love the way you used stencils and that fabulous character you created.

  2. I love your upcycled canvas, Renee, and, I have to admit, that paint color of absolutely yummy! I recently saw the DW paints and was tempted, but held back. I am glad to know that you love them! Poring rain today, so I good day to do something creative. You have inspired me!

  3. I love that you upcycle! Gorgeous, and you know I love roses ;D

  4. Renee, I so love the look that you achieved with this piece- surreal yes, I was thinking Dali-ish! Love your gal and the color---mmmm my fav!

  5. What an absolutely amazing canvas! It is just so cool! I love how you created it! Texture, color, and of course, stencils!!! Thanks for the eP shout out!!!!!

    Thanks also for participating in our ePlay stencil challenge!!!!

  6. Oh, love the vivid color! That's a most adorable image! Nice save!