Thursday, May 22, 2014

I was published in Somerset Studio Gallery!

I wanted to share my news....I was published in Somerset Studio Gallery magazine for the first time.  It is a beautiful issue and has loads of great art in it, it was a real privilege to have two of my projects featured.

This is one piece that I made that was inspired by Dina Wakley's book "Art Journal Freedom".

They also included one of my art journal pages.  The image I chose to be the focal point is a piece of clip art found at, it was made by ITKUPILLI Imagenarium.  Instant gratification, you can download what you like and size it according to your needs.  I love that company and all their artists, the prices are very reasonable, too.

My thanks to SS Gallery!  It is always a thrill to see my work in print like this.

We are getting a little rain today, everything in New England is blooming like crazy.  It has been a beautiful Spring.  My herbs are gorgeous and I should have pictures of peonies to share in a few weeks.  I saw my first hummingbird of the season today.  I hope you're all enjoying the weather wherever you are, take care.  I'll talk to you soon!  ~ Renee  xxx


  1. CONGRATULATIONS my friend as you so deserve this and more.
    Stampington do well to recognise your artistry and to publish you time and again.
    The layers on the first piece of art has left me wishing I could reach out and touch the piece - stunning use of Dina's stamp.
    It is a wonder you could allow yourself to part with your art journal, I hope they return it safe and sound.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful news and art with us.

  2. You had to send them your actual journal?! Or just a photo? Aren't those two characters on the magazine cover delightful too?! I love both your pieces! I love the versatility of your art. Always something new and usually different from you. Just the sort of thing to keep my attention. LOL

  3. OMG! Congratulations, girl! That is awesome.

  4. Congrats Renee! Oooh, I love the woman she is my favorite! I love all the details and could write poetry about her ;D hint, hint! lol

    The other piece is so mysterious-I want to hear more about it! Vibrant should be your middle name~

    Congrats again! I did think your lady deserved the cover~ @>---------

  5. A hearty high five to you my friend. I love both of these pieces, but the second especially. I am a big fan of your work, Renee, and one of the reasons is that you are such a versatile artist--never fearing to dabble in something new, yet always treating the tried-and-true with new energy! Way to go, Sistah! I am pleased for you!

  6. Congrats Renee, that's wonderful news!!! But you really well deserve this! Have a lovely week-end, Bises from Rennes, Coco

  7. Wow Renee! Not just one but two pieces in the same edition!! Holy cats- You totally deserve it- I adore your art and hope to learn more from you as I already am inspired by you!! Huge hugs to you!
    ps...when do you start teaching your classes? heehee

  8. I am not getting any feed on anybody's blog...almost 2 weeks now...ugh! I apologize for not getting over here. Major congrats to you! I always love seeing your name in the publications I get, which is pretty much every issue! Way to go lady!!!

  9. These are fabulous pages and it's no wonder they published them... congratulations, Renee! I really love that background on the Dina-inspired page, especially. Gorgeous work!