Tuesday, November 18, 2014

2015 Artist in Residence Imagine Crafts Design Team Announcement

 I am happy to announce that after two rounds of stiff competition I made the 2015 Artist in Residence Imagine Crafts Design Team!

I will be joining this group of very talented artists for the next year producing projects to showcase the wonderful products made by Tsukineko/Imagine Crafts.  If you have an opportunity to visit any of the following blogs you'll get a peek at the quality of art that will be shared over the course of the next year.

2015 AIRs Project Team
Heike Linnek (Germany)   http://www.stempelkatzen.de
Isha Gupta (Switzerland)   http://hobbyandideas.blogspot.com
Jowilna Nolte (South Africa)   http://www.jowilnanolte.co.za
Maureen Cronin (WA, US)   http://cronincompanystore.com
Penny Ward (FL, US)   http://www.pennywardink.com
Renee Zarate (MA, US)   http://renee-boltonhouse.blogspot.com
Roni Johnson  (US)   http://inkstainswithroni.blogspot.com
Sylvia Blum (Germany)   http://sylviastamps.blogspot.com
Taylor Usry (VA, US)   http://taylorusry.blogspot.com

2015 AIRs Video Team
Baerbel Born (Germany)   http://www.baerbelborn.com
Carisa Zglobicki (CO, US)   http://www.inkyfairydesigns.com
Gini Cagle Williams (NC, US)   http://www.ginicagle.blogspot.com
Savannah O’Gwynn (FL, US)   http://www.savannahland2.blogspot.com
Tina McDonald (NB, Canada)   http://www.tinamcd-mysanity.blogspot.com

Congrats to everyone who made the team!  I recognize a few names from the last time I was an AIRs member but there are many that I'll be getting to know over the course of the year.
Hugs~Renee xx


  1. Congrats Renee,well deserved :)

    Big hugs
    Donna xxx

  2. Absolutely totally cool for you Renee!! And absolutely deserved as well! I am sure there is some real talent in those names, but I know, you are overflowing with your own creativity and talent my friend!! Good for you! Bravo! xoxo

  3. Ta-dah! Happy for you-Congrats!!!

  4. Congratulations Renee a well deserved win, looking forward to see your creations and following your creative life.
    hugs and blessings from Australia,

  5. Congratulations Renee!! :) Coco x

  6. I am so proud of this accomplishment, Renee! You are and artist in every sense of the word and so very deserving! Go forth and enjoy! We certainly will!