Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Kaleidoscope Stencils Meet Zentangle

These new stencils called the "Kaleidoscope Series" are fast becoming my favorite stencils!  I use stencils often to break up heavily colored areas with some broken white patches.  These white areas give the eye a place to rest especially if there are a lot of details in the mix.  Which brings me to this "ZIA" (Zentangled Inspired Artwork)  cat.  I drew a rough outline of a cat on a piece of canvas board that measures 16" by 12" with a Stabilo pencil.  After doing some Zentangle patterns on him I used the stencils to hide him in the flower garden.

Just to briefly show you the process here are a few photos.  I like to draw but not be too focused when I'm watching TV with my husband or talking on the phone.  I feel that if my hands are busy I'm "working".  So after I drew my cat outline I divided it into sections.  Each section is covered with Zentangle patterns inspired over the years by Rick and Maria who began the Zentangle movement.

After drawing the patterns with a Micron pen I did some shading with my Stabilo pencil.  I painted the background  a Lapis blue and used Copic ink to color the eyes.

I used a few stamps by Dina Wakley along the way and also colored them in with "irRESISTibles".  Now the cat had splashes of color and texture.  When I did as much tangling as I felt like on the cat then I decided to hide him in his own little garden patch of flowers.  The flowers are actually the Kaleidoscope stencils and heavy white gesso.  I added additional interest with another stencil called Blazonry and Interference Blue Golden Acrylic.

Summer may be over but I still have my imaginary garden with my imaginary cat.  I will see you here next Tuesday with more stenciling ideas, until then, take care. ~ Hugs, Renee


  1. Brilliant,beautiful zentangle Renee,loving the way the eyes glow :)
    Big hugs
    Donna xxx

  2. Oh WOW, Renee! Imaginary garden cat is amazing!!! I'm hypnotically fascinated looking at this piece. Wouldn't he be wonderful as a real cat. Wouldn't it be fun to live in the future when we can create our art then make it come to life with a wave of the hand.

  3. I love that idea, Annie! A cat no one in the house could be allergic to.

  4. OMG! Such awesome art. Totally love it. Would you mind if I shared it on my blog and led them to your blog? Renee, you're amazing!

  5. This is a remarkable project, Renee! I love "ZIA" the cat (both before and after)! These stencils are really amazing. You have inspired me to check out my stash of stencils and begin using them again. I seem to go in cycles with my supplies!

  6. Oh, Renee, this cat is too cool for school! Love the white space and powerful pops of color. Awesome! Off to pin.

  7. Absolutely one of my all time favs Renee! Well done!! xo