Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Artistcellar Stenciled Tag

Every Tuesday I use an Artistcellar stencil to create a project.  Today I made a tag using the cloisonne background that I've been experimenting with the last couple of weeks.  Here is the tag, if you would like to see the tutorial for this it is posted on the Artistcellar blog today.  Here is the link.

 Some of you may have noticed in my comments earlier that we have recently sold our house and will be moving.  If I seem a little distant or distracted that will be why.  I will be posting on my regular days but may not get back to you with comments as quickly as normal.  I have a lot of packing up to do around here, my studio is half packed, I'm just keeping the things out that I need over the next month or so.  I've enjoyed my home and garden here in New England but I'm afraid the weather and size of the house are just getting to be a bit too much for these old folks!  We're looking forward to warmer weather and less upkeep.  I'll share my adventures with you along the way.
Big Hugs to all of you,  Renee xx


  1. Hope everything goes well for you with the move.. I really like this tag, but then I love almost everything that you make !
    Corrie x

  2. Your cloisonne stencil has created a lot of interest in your background, Renee. I will have to check it out. As far as the packing---pace yourself as best you can. I am going to miss the fact that you are so near to me!

  3. A fabulous tag Renee, a bit similar to the previous one at first view but also really different... I love both!!! Enjoy your future home, fingers crossed for you to be happy where you plan to live next, with your Art taken in your bags of course it should not be a problem I think! Hugs, Coco X