Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Searching for my Muse

As I have mentioned before we sold our house in Massachusetts and have moved down to South Carolina, quite a long adventure but we're here and getting settled in.  I was sure I packed my "Muse" and carried her around with me for the past 5 months or so but at times I feel like she has been misplaced, then suddenly she reappears!  Usually when I feel like this I start drawing faces and inspiration soon follows.  So here I go again with the faces.  I don't like to start on a blank page so I used the paper to clean off gesso from a Seth Apter stencil first, let it dry then used the paper as a paint palette for a couple of days, just something to clean off a brush or mix watercolor pencil colors on.  Next I used Jane Davenport's small face stencil to get me going in the right direction.

How do you access your Muse?  Leave a comment if you like and share your process!
Hugs ~ Renee


  1. She looks as you feel. Nice! Love the details and the colors. I've never had a problem with a lost muse. Way too much inspiration all the time for that. LoL

  2. The face is fun, love the big eyes, but the hair delights me!!! LOVE it!

  3. love this post Renee..hit home for me..trying to find mine! So, i am heading to SC soon! My kids live there. how do you like it? :)

  4. I love it. What a great idea to use an "old" palette. It certainly proved the perfect start to regaining your muse! Congrats. on the move.

  5. yay!! You are back!! And with flying colors and gorgeous faces I might add!! She's a beauty Renee- and I can't wait to see what else you have in store!!
    btw, is your number still the same? hugs&love,Jackie

    1. cell phone is still the same, home phone is different Thanks so much for sticking with me! Hugs!!

  6. I am so happy your soul twin and you have reconnected~ She is lovely-I especially love her hair! I love that you recycle other pieces of art~
    Moving is stressful and she was waiting for you, when you were ready~ @>---------------

  7. Love the details in this face (and hair) Renee.

  8. She's beautiful - so full of character. I love that you didn't start from a blank piece of paper - I'm the same when I'm feeling mojo-less... get some ink on it or gesso or paint and then see what that fires up. Glad to hear you're settling in, but with the upheaval of moving and all the energy - physical and emotional - that it requires, I'm not surprised your muse had taken a bit of a rest. She's roaring back into life with this wonderful face though.
    Alison xx