Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Mixing Momenta and Hobby Lobby together for a Home Decor project!

I recently received an invitation to create a home decor project using Momenta paints and a base of some sort from Hobby Lobby.  First I received this WONDERFUL box of stencils and acrylic paints from Momenta.

Next I Googled the local Hobby Lobby and found one much to my surprise about 30 minutes from here!  They had all sorts of wooden canvases to offer so I chose a lovely one manufactured by Master's Touch.  This sort of canvas is made of birch wood and accepts nearly every type of paint, it looks great just hung directly on the wall when completed, no framing necessary.

The paints by Momenta are non-drip and offer full coverage.  They are creamy and blend easily with each other, also they mix well with water to provide a delicate wash.  So I began by painting the entire surface of the canvas with the white paint.  Now I started layering the different colors of paints using stencils to create an interesting background.

I knew I wanted to create a vase of flowers on the canvas so the background was a combination of Teal mixed with a tiny drop of brown, I used the lid liners of the copper and gold paint containers to make small circles of color in the area where I would later place the flowers and draw leaves.  None of the paint was going to waste.  The chevron stencil was used for the background and a smaller scroll stencil was used to repeat the blue color on the vase made from old book paper.  The remainder blue paint mixture on my palette was now blended with white paint and used to stencil a "tablecloth" across the bottom of the canvas.

To create the flowers, circles were torn out of the old book paper, then flowers were drawn roughly onto the paper with a black marker pen.

All that's left to do is arrange the flowers, glue them down and then stencil some leaves around the flowers using a Teal and Green paint combination and different tiny stencils to create texture.  The word Blessed was stenciled in Red and the edge of the canvas painted with the leftover Teal and Green paint combo.

The Red seemed a little bold so it was toned down with some white paint and then outlined with a black permanent marker.  The flowers were painted with a wash of Yellow paint mixed with water.  Small amounts of Red were dabbed onto the centers of the flowers.

Now I can call it done.  Here's a list of the products used on this canvas.

Master's Touch Wood Painting Panel from Hobby Lobby measuring 11" by 14"

Momenta Adhesive Stencils

Momenta non drip, all surface acrylic paints:
Teal, Green, White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Brown, Copper, Gold

Black permanent marker pen

Old book pages

glue, brushes, sponges

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and will take time to experiment on your own with Momenta's new line of paints and the fun wooden canvases at Hobby Lobby.

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Leave of message if you have time, I love to hear from you.  Hugs ~ Renee


  1. Just lovely! Love the book page flowers and delicious colors

  2. An amazing bouquet of flowers. I love that you can still see the book page through them. Great greenery details and painted textures. A wonderful wall decor!

  3. Beautiful Renee!! I too love those book page flowers as well as that background! Yummy all round!
    hugs,Jackie xx

  4. Momenta and Hobby Lobby equals GOOD!!! ;0) I LOVE the flowers...gorgeous!

  5. What a fun challenge, Renee, and what a wonderful result!! I love it when manufacturers' products work well together and you have found that here, of course. Love your "text" flowers, my friend!! Great project!

  6. Renee, this is a great tutorial, THANK you. We all love your project!