Sunday, May 27, 2012

Patchwork Pandemonium with Tim Holtz

This class has this name for a reason!  Tim offered this class at "Ink About It" in 2009 and I took it at that time.  Insane class.  Even though all the pieces of grunge board are pre-cut, pre-glued with wonder tape and pre-textured, you just paint and assemble.....hahahahaha.  It still takes 5 hours to do the class.  The end result this time measures 12"x12" and is attached to a large, WONDERFUL coat hanger.  Lots of new techniques and products were used.  I am so happy I took the class again.  It is a great way to use of up all your scrap pieces of grunge board.  Also, a great way to use tissue tape, buttons, metal odds and ends.  Just measure out your surface, cut and prepare pieces of grunge like a puzzle, your surface can be grunge board, canvas, fabric, paper, whatever you chose.  Tim had chosen grunge board to glue our pieces to using that fabulous glue sheet called Wonder Tape.  Some objects are glued on at the end with a hot glue gun, glue dots, a new product called Glue n Seal which has a matte finish or Glossy Accents.  If this piece seems too large just try doing a smaller version.  It is really fun and satisfying.  It is amazing how every one in the class ended up with a project that looked different.  Different colors, different items, etc.  This project is a great expression of individuality. :-)
A closer look

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