Saturday, November 10, 2012

2013 Art Journal Calendar Pages

I'm preparing for my new classes at Ink About It my LSS in Westford, MA.  I'll be teaching Calendar Pages using Dyan's art journal.  There will be one class a month with two calendar pages to complete.  Here is my first installment for Jan/Feb 2013. 
I wanted to have an icy blue effect on this page with a little twinkle of snowflakes in the background.
For February I wanted more of an orange sherbert kind of an effect.

I hope people find them interesting enough to sign up for the classes.  I had a lot of fun developing the pages.

Have you tried art journaling yet?  Have you tried making your own calendars?    There are some great tutorials on YouTube that can inspire you and help you to overcome that fear of a blank page staring back at you.  Throw some gesso on it first and let it dry.  Now it's not blank any more.  Just let your imagination soar and have some fun with it.  You don't have to share your pages with anyone unless you want to.  Become fearless and try something new this week.  Go for it.

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  1. What a perfect class for you to teach! You'll be converting people into art journalers in no time. Love the way you've designed Jan and Feb. Beautiful!!