Sunday, February 17, 2013

Art Journal Page Creative Process

Several people have asked what my creative process is when I'm coming up with ideas for projects.  I guess in my case it depends on what the project is for and if I have restrictions as to the products that can be used.  Usually when I  am designing a Calendar Art Journal page for a class it takes me several days to come up with something I really like.  My process starts out on a post card size (4" by 6") piece of watercolor paper coated lightly with gesso.  When that is dry I start playing until I come up with a page that works for me.  Right now I'm working on my June Calendar two page spread that eventually I will do in the Dyan Reaveley journal for the store, Ink About It, and later teach to a group of very talented ladies.  By the time I'm done I have executed it three times.  Once in my "junk" journal, once in my real journal and once in the store's journal.  Whew! 

Here is the first post card design I came up with using StazOn inks and my new Stampotique girl stamp.  I'm trying to get a feel for the colors and images I want to use.

A second design soon followed.

I liked the background on this second one so much I did the first two page "sample" in a journal.

I tried the little Stampotique girl but she just didn't seem to fit it so I was looking around for something else to go on the page.  Then I remembered.....guess who just got some of Dina Wakley's new silhouettes made by TCW?  The stencil is called "Mini Casey and Penelope", it is so 60's.  So I thought I'd give them a whirl.
I actually made two other calendar pages that I'll share with you another time.  They have a very vintage 1920's feel to them.  The background that I finally chose will be changed and tweaked until the days of the week and the month fit into the whole thing.  The banners are made out of gesso scraped through an old stencil.  The circles are made with a stencil from Dyan Reaveley.

What is your creative process?  Have you ever tried to put it into words?  I'd love to hear what it is, leave a comment if you have time.  Thanks for stopping by, it has been snowing here again for hours.  Brrrrrrr!
Talk to you soon!


  1. Hello Renee, I'm stopping by tonight... I love this Stampotique girl stamp, and the way you used her ! Also your following AJ pages are really gorgeous !...
    And regarding your question and what is written at the top of your blog (love that), I feel that I'm still growing young and have tons of stuff to learn and discover yet before being a totally creative and artistic person... But I started anyway ! and for me, the creative process can come either from thoughts, or stamps that talk to me, or imposed constraints for a challenge, or a photo if I make a layout page... or words or sentences. Many things in fact Lol, but i's a really good question thanks to ask !!! Have a fab and continuous creative process for yourself. Coco x

    1. Thanks Coco for sharing! I'm fascinated by what motivates others to create their art.

  2. I love to hear how artists get their groove to create. This stampotique stamp is very Tim Burtonesque. Love your art.

  3. If it's good keep going I say! Love your pages! A fab mix and Fun and funky!

  4. Thank you Renee for your comment x Must say I love the stamps your using here the way she looks says so much and cant wait to get a few of these ... I already have some projects ear marked for these stamps but will have to wait for now ... I also have another doodle in the making, so will post it up when completed ... Take care Mark x