Saturday, January 4, 2014

The sun comes out after the storm.

After two days of what seemed like non-stop snow we woke up to beautiful blue skies and bright sunshine!

Our house and my side garden are covered in a blanket of white, only the deer are munching on any leftovers still outside.  Most of our bushes, etc. will be down to almost nothing by the time spring comes.

The kids across the street didn't even wait for the snow to let up before they made their snowmen.  To me they look more like snow ducks.  I wonder if the deer got the memo yet  that there are fresh carrots across the street?  The carrots look so much more appetizing than my bushes.

Take care, stay warm!  Thanks for stopping by ~ Renee


  1. That's a beautiful picture Renee. I love the snow men. It's funny, they are more special because I didn't have to help with any of it.
    Your face drawings are really becoming very nice. I especially like the last ones. Lovely!

  2. Oh, thank you for the photos Renee, the snowmen are really cute!!! Lucky you to have a blue sky and snow! We didn't see the snow here in Brittany so far this year, but we have tons of rain instead!!!!!!

  3. You have a beautiful home in an even more beautiful setting, Renee. Today is Tuesday, and there is sun again. Another lull before another storm? Ah, this is New England, isn't it? Thanks for sharing the photos!