Thursday, January 30, 2014

Art Journal Mermaid using Jane Davenport stencils

I'm supposed to be working but I keep getting distracted.  I moved my journal to clean the desk and next thing I knew I found a Jane Davenport face stencil that I had misplaced.  I thought before I put it away I'd just draw my one face for the day.  Just a little sketch, here's what I ended up with.

In all fairness the background was already done.  Just waiting for a mermaid to swim through it.

It has been sitting there for months now just waiting for something exciting to be written upon it.  I drew the face on some watercolor paper using the stencil as my guide.  Then I colored it in with Pan Pastels.  Just like real make up she started out with a base coat.

I just keep layering on the Pan Pastels until I get the right combination and then proceed to the hair.  Using a magic pencil (Aquarellable) I make the lines that I will smear later with my finger or a blending tool.  Then I start adding the colors to go with the background.  This is one of the places in the world where green hair is completely acceptable.

Looking at her I thought "this girl needs a tail" so I cut one out of watercolor paper and did my journaling on that before coloring it in with Pan Pastels.  I wrote all my daydreams down about getting out of this COLD weather and going to sunny warm waters where I might run into this mermaid while snorkeling off of a yacht.  Right before the crew makes me a fabulous gourmet lunch.  One last swim and there she is!

Well, a girl can dream can't she?  You know what they say you gotta dream big and in color!  Keep warm or at least keep thinking warm thoughts.  Thanks so much for stopping by, I'll get "back" to work now, I promise.  Take care ~ Renee


  1. Renee, I love the fact you were planning on a tidy up session yet before you know it you are creating journal pages!
    This is stunning, there is such character to her face, she draws you in.

  2. I keep hoping to find a stencil I have misplaced. Does that mean I have to clean? Probably. I love this mermaid. Such bold colors. Pow. Keep thinking warmth and it will come.

  3. I so love your mermaid, Renee, and while I am on my yacht (aka, the cruise ship), I will search for her in the warm blue green waters of the Caribbean! I am so in love with your background that I would have stopped anything to use it. The end result? Your work was delayed, but you created a masterpiece! Mwah! KayW

  4. Gorgeous, Love all those rich colors!
    hugs Lynn

  5. She's absolutely stunning - and what glorious intensity of colour in the beautiful background!
    Alison x

  6. This is fabulous Renee, what a rich and gorgeous mermaid, and the background (with tail) is absolutely terrific!!! Take care too. Coco xx

  7. I think this is the first Journaling Blog I have seen with a tutorial, thank you for sharing. Us Journal / Altered Art people make me laugh really. She needs a tail, of course she does I think? as if it is the most natural thing in the world.!! Gorgeous page by the way. x

  8. Such gorgeous pages.... love love LOVE that rich background and the writing on her tail.

  9. Gorgeous! I love your handwriting on the tail! I love how cleaning up inspires us to just go there-so happy you did-she is stunning~

  10. This is beautiful! I love how you intended a quick little sketch and ended up with a gorgeous finished page. It obviously "called" to you and you listened. Well done!