Friday, February 7, 2014

Special requests for artwork

My studio has been full of color this week!  That's a good thing since it has been as white as SNOW outside.  Oh yeah, that is snow and there is more coming our way soon.  We've been nice and warm inside, great weather to do some artwork.  Oddly enough I had three requests this week.  One person wanted a special card, another a purple art journal type page and the third requested something made out of one of my masterboard pages.  I'm still working on the third request but this is what I came up with for the other two.

A special card for a very special friend who has been suffering with illness.  I thought a pretty card would be nice to look at if you're in bed for a week or so.  Marie Antoinette came to mind.

Now to come up with a purple background with an archery theme.  This is what I did for another friend using Dylusions spray inks, stencils and gesso.

Can't miss that target!  I hope you've all had a wonderful week and have great weekend plans.  Take care, stay warm and thanks for stopping by. ~ Renee


  1. Love both these pieces, Renee! I played with archery for a few years and really enjoyed it. There were some pretty cool targets, but none as gorgeous and awesome as that one! That is a really great target and design piece all together.

  2. The two cards show the breadth and depth of your talent that you can create to a Marie Antoinette theme for one card only to create an archery themed card for another friend - fabulous cards.
    Stay cozy!

  3. Wonderful Renee! I too love what you have done! Your friends will be thrilled~ You are very talented :D

  4. No one does Marie A. better than you! She is stunning here...I could stare at it for a while! Gorgeous glad you are in demand!

  5. A special card for special person (I am sending best, healthy wishes) is absolutely gorgeous! I love what you did...background is just amazing and all details – little flowers she is holding...fantastic Renee! I also love the purple one with all tiny bits and pieces.
    Thank you for nice words you leave on my blog. Greetings from Slovenia

  6. Both projects are full of art, Renee, but, being a vintage buff, my heart goes out to Marie! Now, will the weather ever end???