Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snowed in! But that's okay......

Yes, we're snowed in but that's okay.  Yesterday I received a care package in the mail from my BFF John Petersen at IMAGINE Crafts/Tsukineko and boy did I need it!  John sent me the latest releases from IC/T namely the newest colored GooseBumps called "irRESISTibles" and the amazing Radiant NEON Pigment Inks in the following colors:   Electric Blue, Electric Green, Electric Pink, Electric Purple, E. Yellow, E. Coral and E.Orange.  All "Electric" colors in these new ink pads and that is not an exaggeration.  Just the thing for a day that looks like this from my window.

It started snowing around 8am and here it is almost 4pm with no signs of stopping any time soon.  But as I said that's okay since I have Electric Colors in my studio.  I thought I'd make a Master Board using the new NEON inks and the new colored GooseBumps called "irRESISTibles", and they are in a word that, irresistible.  I started with a large sheet of watercolor paper.  I stamped with an old favorite "Carte Postal" large stamp from Stampers Anonymous putting several colors on the stamp at one time and then spraying a light mist on the stamp.  The inks get activated this way and start blending like watercolors.  I stamped multiple times all over the paper, dried it completely, then put a TCW stencil on top.  I used the Julie Balzer stencil with a profile face covered in script.  I used several colors of irRESISTibles then lifted the stencil and allowed it to dry before cutting it up.
For the image on the post cards I used Dina Wakley's grunge girl stamps, my fave.  The heads are from Coffee Break Design, Inc and are pre-cut, which is fabulous.  Here's what I came up with:

Next time your day needs a little brightening try the NEON inks, they're really fun!  Take care, stay warm and as always, thanks for stopping by.  I always appreciate the visit, leave me a comment if you have time.  See you soon ~ Renee


  1. Renee
    Good for you to see the positives in what many would view as a negative situation - all that snow!
    A fabulous care package indeed. Those products were made for you to create with! Great use of the stamped body, switching the heads, such fun also.
    Take good care and keep warm.

  2. Fabulous! Wow the first face does look familiar-tee, hee!

    I love how you took this women and grunged them up~ Wonderful!

  3. First off, that last piece, that's how I'm going to be cleaning for now on!! haha I agree with Lynne, excellent use of a good snow day! Complaining won't change it, but it seems so many keep trying. These are all terrific cards. I love them all!

  4. How lovely to have your crafty package to keep you busy in the midst of all that snow! Totally fantastic postcard collages for colours, images and stamping - love'em!
    Alison x

  5. Hope your weather is better! These snowy day makes are FABULOUS!!! Love the images and super bright ink!

  6. While the snow was falling in our area, I was on a private island in the Caribbean! What a shock to come back to a driveway full of two snows! You took the second best route, Renee, and that is to create! These are all just gorgeous. I love the juxtaposition of vintage and vibrant color--sprinkled with a bit of sassy Dyan! An odd mix, perhaps, but it works so perfectly here! Mwah! KayW