Saturday, April 26, 2014

Paint Nite Boston

Have you seen that Groupon offer called "Paint Nite"?  A large group of my friends got together and we went to a local Paint Nite event here in the Boston area.  So much fun!  There were about 35 of us in the class, if you wanted to drink wine or order something to eat while you painted you could.  No muss no fuss, no clean up, etc.  Great concept.  The teacher had all of us paint the same thing during a two hour period.  I'm not much of a flower painter but I figured I'd try it.  This is what my painting looked like when I was finished.  Tah Dah!

My art friend Ann was there also, her painting looked pretty much like mine did.  We both decided we would work on these together at my house on another day.  When we got together this week we started by tearing up some maps and gluing them down with Mat Medium just in the areas we weren't too happy with.  After a little while the canvas looked like this.

Ann's canvas

Renee's canvas

Then we each applied gesso, acrylic paints, stencils, stamping, you get the picture.  Here is Ann's "after".

Ann's Mermaid

And here is my "after".

Beatrice picks a flower
I think Paint Nite was a huge success!  We had fun and then we had more fun later.  You can still see tiny bits of the pink flowers if you look closely.

Thanks for stopping by, please leave a comment if you have the time.  I always appreciate hearing what you think.  Take care, talk to you soon ~ Renee


  1. I can't believe the transformation, but, I have to say that I would much rather hang either of the "afters" in my house rather than either of the others. But, I have to admit, I am not much of a flower person either. I do appreciate them, Renee, but mostly as they appear in nature. Both you and Ann had a great time on both occasions, and that's what's important. I have not yet been to a paint party, but definitely will at some point. Thanks for sharing these with us! You are both accomplished artists in my book!

  2. Wow, where did everything go? I would never guess the beginnings were also the ends. I really love where your maps and numbers were going. Amazing what big transformations both your painting journeys took. A great adventure!

  3. Wow Kay took most of the words out of my typing fingers! Really super final pieces and I totally love the wonkiness of your girl Renee!
    I have to say I am envious that you live in such a great area with cool opportunities as paint night! Are you close to Groton? That's where my bro and sis-in law live-
    anyway,I do have a dream to renovate my polebarn into a shop and creating space someday- so who knows- maybe I'll have a paint party here!
    Happy Sunday and thanks so much for sharing! Love it! Hugsxo

  4. Where exactly did you do the paint night? Both the artworks were awesome!

  5. Hi Diane, We were at Firefly's in Marlboro, MA. Great teacher that night. She was very patient.

  6. Isn't that such a brilliant and fun idea!
    Renee, I really liked your first creation but your final piece of art you shared with us I would say is more "you".
    Brilliant to view the transformations, quite unbelievable.


  7. Marvelous or Mapvelous is what I should say!

    Fun, fun, fun!!!

  8. LOVE the transformation!!! It went from basic to HELLO!!!!