Saturday, April 12, 2014

Painting Faces with Acrylics

I am back on my face drawing kick again but I decided to paint them on old discarded canvases that I found when I was cleaning out my studio.  I am trying to use my stash as much as possible.  I hate to waste anything so I seem to have all sorts of pieces of thread, paper, projects that didn't work before, etc. in a large plastic container.  Actually 6 large plastic containers......all color coordinated.  (Like that makes it sound better, right?)  Any way, I had these canvases that were distressed but unfinished.  I recently saw the work of the most WONDERFUL artist on Pinterest so she was my inspiration for these two pieces.  Her name is Mystele, if you get a chance click on the link and check her out.  She is AMAZING and so talented.  Both of theses canvases measure around 7" by 13" by 1" and had been previously painted, distressed and cast aside, now they're cute.

Miranda wants to fly

Beatrice is in the show

I used some of my delightful Artistcellar stencils and some gesso to add a little more interest to the backgrounds.  These little paintings were really fun to do if only for my own amusement!  So what are you up to this weekend?  Are you letting your Muse run wild?  I hope so.  Thanks for stopping by, take care ~ Renee


  1. You're so right, they ARE cute! As if it isn't enough that we have "new" stash, we have discarded projects stash as well! Love your repurposing gals!

  2. Oh love Beatrice. Her cute. Great idea to use up previous canvases.

  3. I love them Renee! I especially love Beatrice- her hat is styling! Don't you love it when you can turn a discard into something so sweet! the crackle fresco look in the backgrounds!

  4. Adding bodies now??? WOW!!! Love love love your designs! need a gallery to house all these fabulous faces in!!!

  5. These are fabulous, Renee! Love your gorgeous colors and the eyes on the second gal, especially... mesmerizing!