Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Another entry to my Jane Davenport stencil storage book

This is the final entry to my JD stencil storage book.  This face is called my "Gypsy Girl" and is made using the JD stencil called Tilted Up.  Pop over to the Artistcellar blog if you'd like to see how she was done.

I'm down in Myrtle Beach, SC right now house hunting.  Thinking of all my friends in Mass.  This winter was one of the snowiest ever, we had over 100 inches!  I'll keep you all posted on my whereabouts.  :)
Hugs ~ Renee

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  1. "Tilted Up" is beautiful, Renee. About to visit Artistcellar Blog to check out the details. But, before I go, I want to wish you a successful house hunt. After the winter we have had here in Massachusetts, I totally understand the desire for a warmer clime! Mwah!