Sunday, March 8, 2015

Create a storage book for your stencils

I apologize for getting my days messed up!  I think I packed my brains with all the other stuff. (lol) This will be on the Artistcellar Blog today, Tuesday,  for those of you who saw this on Sunday.  Sorry! ~ Renee

It is Tuesday so it must be Artistcellar stencil day!  Check out the instructions on the AC blog for this small folded book to store stencils in.

Check back next week to see how I've added to the book.  Thanks for stopping by ~ Renee xx


  1. Hi, Renee, it's only Monday, which is likely why you are not hosting at AC. Will check again tomorrow. Must be a calendar issue! I have for a long time stored my stencils in an unused 12x12 scrapbook album. But, now I have so many that I would, like you, like to store them by category as you have here for "faces." I will eagerly await next week's details!