Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Include Zentangle in your Homework to make it more fun!

I am currently taking an on-line class with the FABULOUS Jenny Doh. ( If you don't know who she is just Google her.)  For this week we had to produce a homework project that showed what we felt our true artistic calling is.  Hmmmmm.  What I seem to do naturally is recycle ugly stuff and make it cute.  Also, I love to just "play" with different materials and mediums.  So this is what I made for my homework.
I started with an 8.5"x11.5" piece of white card stock.  I used some of my favorite Alice in Wonderland stamps, Stampington's Tea Party stamps and IndigoBlu's Alice stamps.  After stamping figures and words all over the paper randomly I started tangling around the images and words.  When I finished with that I colored areas with copic inks.  Now I have a piece of my own paper!  I photocopied this so I can use just the copy and keep the original in case I need it again.  So this is what my paper looks like:
I had a 4 1/2" paper tube that I wanted to cover with the paper.  So I cut a strip for that.  Then I made circles for the top and bottom of the tube out of the same paper and sealed the edges with 7 Gypsies tissue tape.  I sealed everything with Mat Medium to give it a little strength, let it dry and then started punching holes in the top circle.  The holes were to hold the pearls at the top that I hung bits and pieces of chains, mirrors, crystals, etc.  Just whatever I had left over in my scrap bag.  The little bottle at the bottom says "Drink Me" and I filled it with glitter glue.  I wrapped the little bottle up with blue waxed twine and glued it to the bottom near Alice's feet.  This makes a cute paper weight and was really FUN to make.


  1. That's really pretty Renee. I've gotten into Zentangle the last couple of months. It's been a lot of fun! Yvonne

  2. I've never heard of Zentangle before I saw your work, and I'm really quite intrigued with this medium. Thanks so much for sharing, I learn something new everyday.


  3. I love what you made! I'm now intrigued by this art form! Thanks Renee~