Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Homework Part 2

I'm still following my wonderful class on-line with Jenny Doh. I shared our homework assignment yesterday and would like to share part 2 of the homework for this week with you also.  Yesterday we had to make something that we felt came naturally for us.  The assignment for today is to tear up the first homework project and make something else.  Takes nerves of steel but here goes.  Just say "bye, bye" to Alice....she disappeared on a piece of transfer tape (note to self, make a copy of the original for transfer tape attempts).  So now we have the Mad Hatter as our focal point.  I made a card, another thing that comes naturally to me.
I cut a hole in both the Tim Holtz key paper and the 5x7" card and centered the mad hatter in that circle.  I tore a piece of blue paper for the right side and glued 3 roses (Tim Holtz trimmings) and a lovely key from Alpha Stamps.  When you look inside you will see it is a PARTY invitation of some sort!

There he is, the Mad Hatter, the only survivor of the homework assignment.  He is of course the stamp from Stampington's Alice in Wonderland collection.  Our Mad Hatter has been firmly placed with his watch on a blue paint chip.  Now if we only could have that party..........

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