Saturday, September 22, 2012

Art Abandonment in Boston

If you haven't heard of Art Abandonment take a look a Michael de Meng's site.  I printed off the gift tags from the site yesterday and bagged up some ATCs to take into Boston.  We were picking up some weekend guests at Logan Airport and meeting up with some of their friends in the North End for dinner.  The first ATC was abandoned in a Starbucks at the airport.  It was picked up and opened within minutes.  I watched as a smile flashed across the face of a big burly man when he opened the tiny envelope and looked at the butterfly.
Another was left in the ladies room of a wonderful restaurant called Florentine.  It, too, was found within minutes and hung in the workstation area for all the waitstaff to see.

The only one that I did not see picked up was this one.

I'll wait and see if the finder posts a message on the Art Abandonment FB page.   I hope she went to a good home.  We're going apple picking sometime this weekend.  Pie will be involved at some point.  Wish we had smell-o-vision for that one.  I love the smell of apple pie baking in the oven, don't you?


  1. Uh YES!!!! Especially with lots of cinnamon! I love this AA concept...I really must give it a go! So glad you got to see smiles from the enjoyment of your labors!!!

  2. These are wonderful, Renee. I'm thrilled that you got to see the reactions on two of them, too. What a wonderful thing Michael has started and it's just heartwarming to think of how many people are spreading smiles with art abandonment.