Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day 2 with Dina Wakley::Class #2

My first class yesterday with Dina was called "Dyeing For Dylusions".  Dina describes the tiny book we made as an homage to Dyan Reaveley.  You know what that  means......"come on spray it like you mean it!"  So we did and we made giant inky messes all over the tables.  Great fun.  We started with a sheet of watercolor paper, acrylic paint and Dylusions Spray Paints.  Tags were also involved.  I took photos of Dina's samples which I have shown here:

Dina is amazing!  She has so much ENERGY and somehow manages to keep everything moving along.  With 20 or more crafters in a smallish space this is quite a feat.  Here is my "finished" mini book.  I will probably keep playing around and adding things to it.

I will share the second class with you tomorrow.  I have my last class today from 10am to 4pm on Art Journaling.  TTFN.


  1. Sounds like fun and the results are fabulous!

  2. Looks great! Love how you did your tags. I did that class with Dina on Saturday. Fun!

  3. Fun project...I bet your hands were also colorful!

  4. Thanks for sharing! I can live through your experience! I need some of that spray ;D
    This are so vibrant n' cool

  5. Looks like a lot of fun! Your mini book is great and your tags... yummy, delicious backgrounds!