Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ipswich, Essex & some Art Abandonment

Yesterday we took a short road trip to Ipswich & Essex.  It's about 90 minutes from where we live but it feels like a different world.  It is a very old and charming area full of antique stores and historical sites.  We walked on the beach, had lobster for dinner,  and checked out several antique stores that are full of things that can live another life in a mixed media project.  Here is a sampling of our day.
Howard's Flying Dragon Antiques
136 Main Street
Essex,  MA  01929
This place had the BEST stuff I've seen in a while!  It looks small but it has 3 stories of items from the floor up to the ceiling and more things outside.

Once you're inside there are tons of smaller items.  I couldn't resist buying a few of these bobbins.

This guy was screaming my name!  But, no, he had to stay there.  So sad.  What a hunk!

Woodman's is the place to go for lobster.  You can eat inside or out.  It is wonderful if you love seafood.

And right there near the restaurant I placed my piece of Abandoned Art.  If you look closely you can see it is a book marker with a small Eiffel Tower on it.  It was there for only 30 minutes when someone spotted it and gave it a new home.  Art Abandonment is a fun thing that thousands of artists are participating in world wide.  If you haven't heard of it check out Michael de Meng's site:
It is very fun and a lovely way to give the gift of art to a stranger no matter how small the gesture may seem.
With the Labor Day holiday on Monday my weekend is off to a great start.  I hope you are all having a terrific weekend and some well deserved time off too!  I hope you enjoyed your taste of New England.


  1. Looks like my kind of day! Love places like that. I'm so glad to see you've done an art abandonment! I know your recipient must've been thrilled. Hope they write in!

  2. *sigh* I did enjoy this post! I love looking at little bits and bobs and interesting things, and I love SEAFOOD :D What fun. Thanks for posting this. I needed a micro-vacation.

  3. I love the old chrming towns of the NE!!! I so want to live in Maine...been there? Mass looks fabulous! I can't believe some of those so needed that head...too bad! Fun day for sure! Can I come visit?

  4. This place looks amazing!!! I would have snatched that phrenology bust in a second for my artist mannequin collection. I hadn't heard of Art Abandonment, but have a book by Demeng that I love. I'll be visiting his site this week. Blessings!