Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Studio Space

My husband has been working on a few projects for me lately.  His goal, being the neat freak that he is, God bless him, is that nothing remotely connected to crafting is seen anywhere in the house other than in its designated spot.  That means on or in the space that he has so carefully measured out for that object.  Seriously, he measures the items that will fit into each space.  So clever.  This is my craft room so far:
He measured the heights of stamps to make sure they would fit on each shelf.  Then he was given this old map drawer which he refinished for me to store clear stamps.
As soon as the clear stamps had a home he found the library card drawer seen underneath the map drawer.  He refinished that so the Copic Pens had a home.

There is plenty of table top space to make the dining room table look less inviting, good natural light.  Not to mention all the can lights he had installed overhead.

Overhead shelving for miscellaneous projects.  My laptop.  It is beginning to look like I never need to come out of here.

More shelves for stamps and the closet is all built out, too, for embellishments.  Now he's working on the armoire in the guest room since I had started laying finished projects out on the bed in there.  When he finishes that project I'll share it with you.  It is pretty awesome!

We just celebrated our 19th anniversary and I am still amazed at what a wonderful, sweet husband I have!


  1. Renee, this is a fabulous space! I love the map drawers and the library card drawers! And the red and white?????? .. gorgeous!

  2. grat space!! love all the handy things your DH has done to make it work for you both :)))

  3. Terrific space!!! I love all your shelves and drawers and display of have a whole plethora of playthings!!!! The red walls speak to me...mine are too in my kitchen and!

  4. Your space is Amazing!!! Love the red walls! When can I move in.? LOL

  5. wow its fabulous, what a great room to be creative in. Im jealous!!!!

  6. Beautiful space, Renee! Your hubby gets bonus points from me for all that organizing and customizing... it's awesome! Love that map drawer. It's a fab piece!

  7. I love your space! OMG, we are so related...I have craft stuff on the bed, lol. My hubby is the same way...wants to sweep me into a corner. Only problem is he decided he wanted half of the FROG(furnished room over garage) to do his thang! BE thankful he is building places to organize. I have a collection of tins hiding my supplies in the kitchen. ;D No one knows, lol

  8. Hi Renee, visiting from Kindred soul art group and just joined your beautiful blog.
    Oh my, what a blessing to have a creative space like this. Can't wait to see more of your blog.

  9. *thud* That was the sound of my jaw hitting the floor. I NEED some map drawers! What an awesome space!

  10. Renee you have to be the smartest woman I know. How did you ever find such a wonderful husband? The garden, the studio, the interest he takes in your interests, wow I am so impressed. Keep him close you have a very special guy.