Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Stencils Provide Background Interest

It is Tuesday so it's Artistcellar Stencil day!  Today I made a small canvas that I will also be submitting to the Stampotique Challenge of the week....Bows.  Let's get started!

The Prom Queen Stampotique stamp has always been my favorite in their collection.  I've been using her for many years now the only difference today is she's doing the splits.  I couldn't fit her and the phrase from Stampers Anonymous on the 6" by 6" canvas without a little surgery.  I started the canvas by painting on some DWM acrylic paint in the Lemon color.

I added a tiny drop of DWM Umber to the yellow on my palette to get the shading on the edges.  Then I inked the edges of the canvas with Distress Ink Vintage Photo.  Now it was time to pull out the stencils.  I used Sea Fan from the Artistcellar Coral series.  I placed it on the canvas and then using a stencil brush, pounced white gesso on random areas; then carefully lifted up the stencil and allowed the canvas to dry.

While the gesso was drying I busied myself with stamping, coloring my image with Copics and then trimming her out.  I stamped the phrase, tore the edges and distressed them using a Copic pen.  I attached the stamped pieces to the canvas using Beacon 3-in-1 adhesive and applied some clear GooseBumps with a brush to a few areas to give them a little shine.

I attached a small antique knob to the top of the canvas.  The knob gives me something to tie the bow to.  I do this with a lot of small canvases since they look best placed on a stack of books or on a shelf.

This is a nod to all my online friends.  My husband calls them my "imaginary friends" since he has never met them.  I keep telling him they are as real as I am!

I hope you'll give stencils a try, they make such nice background textures.  We've had a lovely summer here in New England.  Take care ~ Renee


  1. And now you're an imaginary surgeon too! Great surgical work I might add! This canvas is fabulous. You've created the perfect background for your red-headed cutie. I love that you included the origin of your imaginary friends. Funny though, to me hubby is the imaginary one not me. ***snickers***

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  3. Fabulous canvas! I love that you have Prom Queen doing a split! Brilliant solution to get her to fit where you wanted her!

    Wonderful painted and stenciled background too and the perfect sentiment!

    I also adore that big poofy bow!

    Thanks for playing along with us at Stampotique Designers Challenges.

  4. Renee this is so fabulous, quirky and FUN.
    It also relates to me because I had an imaginary friend, this was some time ago, it wasn't just last week LOL. Mr Hope was his name. Sometimes it seemed, as children, our minds were positively overflowing with creativity and imagination and yet we were not aware of it, it was all taken for granted.
    The strange fact is that I do not remember Mr Hope, it is my family who remembers this phase of my life.
    Chat soon :)

  5. Gorgeous, Renee ! It was a good thing she didn't fit as she looks great in the splits !
    Corrie x

  6. I absolutely L-O-V-E this, Renee! Not just the art, which is fantastic, of course, but the motivation behind the art! I guess for someone who does not belong to such a closely-knit group as we online artists do, it might be difficult to comprehend that our relationships are "real" in every sense of the word except physical (although I am privileged to have met you in the real word). Now, about "Prom Queen," you have beautifully positioned her to fit the venue, yet did not place her in a "seated" position. Again with the unexpected, Renee...you continue to surprise me!

  7. That sentiment really made me chuckle, love it!
    Thanks for joining in with us at Stampotique :)

  8. Love all the texture on the canvas ! And the end result is brilliant! Thank you for joining us at the stampotique designers challenge this week

  9. From one imaginary friend to another...What a fabulous canvas!1 xoxo

  10. Stunning canvas, love how you have re positioned Prom Queen, she looks like she is having fun talking with her imaginary Friends just like we are doing now :-) xxx

  11. You are so right! Stencils really make a difference! Love these!

  12. Wow so cool! Beautiful project.
    Thanks for joining us at Stampotique Design Challenge :)

    xx Arwen

  13. For me, I love all your little friends so much :~o)
    This canvas with Prom Queen doing a split is just FAN-TAS-TIC!!! A pure delight. Take care and continue to inspire me and make me dream.. :) Hugs Coco x