Friday, April 13, 2012

Latest Copy of The Stampers' Sampler

I finally got my new issue of The Stampers' Sampler!  I didn't get the cover, oh well, but they did show off my "girls" very nicely.  As I have mentioned before I adore Dina Wakley's stamps and her particular style.  It is very "grunge" which I love.  When Stampington sent me 5 of her stamps as an AOC project I was thrilled.  I was excited to see in the latest issue of TSS that they gave me a couple of two page spreads showcasing her stamps.  Here is one of those spreads showing some cards that I made in about 20 minutes just playing around.  Since part of the challenge is using only their stamps I got around that by using some old rub-ons that I had in my drawer.  I wanted a "teenager" look to the project which I feel I achieved.  The cards were quick and yet colorful and unique.


  1. Congrats! They are very cool, I love what you made :D
    I voted for you to get the cover~

  2. Congratulations! I was so excited to see your work in the issue. You really showcased those DW stamps!

  3. Love the honey comb, red, & black combo!!!